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About me:

Experienced Mechanical Engineer with business acumen and Management leadership qualities, and wide experience of all the fields related  to Mechanical engineering like Casting, Extrusion, Welding, Sheet  Metal fabrication,  Press  Tools, Metal Machining  – Conventional &  CNC, Structural Fabrication, Conveyors, Machine Building, Assembly Line, Air  Conditioning and  Refrigeration, Heating  and Ventilation, Maintenance of  Machines, 3D  Modelling  & Product designing, Heat Treatment Processes, Automation, PLC, Mechatronics, Air Handling units, Fluid Handling  Units, Boiler Operations.

Experienced Management Professional having proven track records in Planning, Organising and Monitoring Operations.

Seasoned Project Manager with experience in Budgeting, Estimating, Scheduling, Resource Allocation, Effective Communication, Change Management, Cost Control, Time Management, Collaboration, Problem Solving, Interpersonal Relation Management, Team Building, Motivating and  Mentoring. 



Diploma in Mechanical engineering, 

Shri Bhagubhai Mafatlal Polytechnic


June  2019  till  Present New Paradigm  Modelling  Services experience Independent  Entrepreneur  –  3D  Printing  Tooling.                                        

  • Completely  learnt  the  new technology  of  Fused  Deposition  Modelling.
  • Set-up 3 machines for  foundry  tooling  development.
  • Developed a base of  5 customers with  repetitive  order  inflow.
  • Developed Master  Patterns for Sand  Casting  tooling.
  • Developed Sand Casting Patterns  for  Low-Volume  (50 moulding  cycles).
  • Developed Wax Injection Dies for Investment  Casting (50  moulding  cycles).
  • Developed Expendable  patterns  for  Investment  Casting.
  • Completed a Project for  air  flow simulation  (CFD  Analysis)  for a  drying  oven of  size  400  X  30    X  30 feet high.
  • Complete  Reverse  Engineering  -  Product  Development  for  Ball  Valve  parts  (DN40  to  DN150)  –  Product design,  3D  Modelling,  Casting  Pattern,  Casting  and  Machining.

April 2018 to June 2019 Vice President – Special Projects (Machined Castings). ▪ Role and Responsibility as VP : DuFlon Industries Pvt. Ltd. 

  • Responsible for developing new Business Vertical for Sand Casting. Generated sales of Rs. 80 lacs in the first year.
  • Supply chain established for sand casting business. Developed manufacturing facility at vendor’s premises for special products. Developed 10 vendors for casting manufacturing, tooling-developments and casting machining.
  • SAP IMPLEMENTATION (S4 HANA) for investment casting foundry. Complete documentation, training and successful handover of the system for 6 modules viz. PP, MM, QM, SD, FI and PM.
  • Development of Special Purpose Machines for various production processes. Developed one Valve-Body Machining-Centre for Butterfly Valve bodies (at 10% cost of market price) . This machine incorporated 8 machining steps in single set-up and eliminates skilled labour dependency. Developed two finishing machines for Butterfly Valve Discs.
  • Automation of all the manufacturing processes. Generated and Finalised a project report for Metal Machining Set-up with Robotic-Machine-Tending and Inspection of metal parts using Robots and a CMM
  • Responsible for setting up manufacturing activities in USA & EUROPE. Allocated & Trained existing staffmember for handling Manufacturing set-up and Started LPS production in US.

April 2016 to April 2018 Vice President – The General Manager – MACHINED CASTINGS. DuFlon Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Role and Responsibility as VP : 

  • Responsible for Global Sales & Marketing in addition to Manufacturing activities. Increased Number of Customers to 20 customers from 5 Customers.
  • Setting targets for Sales team. Increased Export Sales turnover by 100%, consecutively for two years.
  • Initiating Marketing activities for the division. Improved product literature and generated sales kits for Casting-Division. Registered DuCast® brand in India.
  • Supply chain optimisation. Improved Machine shop output from Rs. 40 lacs per month to Rs. 100-120 lacs per month.
  • Responsible for Finance and Accounts for the division. Complete turn around from loss-making unit to a positive cashflow business entity.
  • Improved manufacturing delivery, quality and cost performance effectively. Sales turnover increased by 50% and Profitability increased by 25%.

September 2012 till April 2016 Business Head – Machined Casting Division (Investment Casting Foundry).

Role and Responsibility as Business Head :

  • Responsible  for  Investment  Casting  Foundry  and  Metal  Machining  Unit.
  • Overall  profitability  of  the  Manufacturing  set-up.
  • Setting  up  the  Production  processes.  Standardised  Production  Processes  for  all  11  stages  of  Manufacturing. Addition  of  Heat  Treatment  Facility  to  existing  set-up
  • Improving  the  Quality  and  productivity  of  the  unit.  Rejection  reduced  by  50%.  Productivity  improved  by 80% with same manpower
  • Cost  control  and  monitoring.
  • Initiate  and  support  the  Marketing  function. Trained  existing  sales  team  from  PTFE-Division  to  generate sales  in Machined  Castings.  Increased  share  of  Export  sales from  10%  to  50%.
  • Implement  Corporate  HR  policies.
  • Implement  Accounting  Practices.  Effective  implementation  of  Tally-ERP  for  accounting  and  Production Process.
  • Set-up  Purchase  function.  Developed  10  suppliers  for  Raw  materials  and  accessories.
  • Recruiting  appropriate  functional  heads.
  • Team building.
  • Outsourcing  decisions.  Developed  15  Vendors  for  Machining,  Tool-Development  and  Supporting  services.
  • Capex decisions  and  Execution of  Projects for Capacity  enhancement.  Addition of Equipment  and Machinery up to Rs.  1.5  Crores.

June 2008 to August 2012 Executive Assistant to MD. DuFlon Polymers Pvt. Ltd.

Role and Responsibility as EA to MD :

  • It’s a Program Manger’s Job-profile.
  • We worked on different outcomes like Capacity Enhancement, Cost Reduction, MIS structure etc.
  • Under these different projects were planned and executed. Total 27 Projects completed.
  • Increased production capacity for Lined Piping Systems-Division by 50%.
  • Capacity Enhancement for PTFE Machine shop by developing Vendor Complex.
  • Worked on an Education Project of Developing 21 Skill Upgradation Centres at South Gujarath GIDCs.
  • These are Technical Training centres for Under Privileged ones in Gujarath.
  • Define and implement standard operating procedures for project execution, Developed System Manual for Project Executions within organisation using PMBOK.
  • Improved costing process for all the product categories.
  • Developed a team for SAP-Master data entry.
  • Streamlining use of SAP for various MIS reports (All modules). Improved report generation for 10 functions like Production, PPC, Sales, Logistics, Stores etc.
  • Constantly monitor project budgets to prevent budget overruns, In-charge of budget of Rs. 30 Crores.
  • Improve use of SAP. Developed Back-office for SAP Data Entry of UK & USA Offices, reducing SAPoperating costs of UK and US offices by 100%.
  • Establish a Knowledge Management Framework for sharing of best practices, experiences and key learning across all projects. Improved communications between various Project teams, through Monthly meetings.
  • Mentor and coach subordinates to develop the team’s capabilities and build a strong succession pipeline for the role. Identified 5 people from Junior levels and effectively trained them for Heading different departments.

June 2008 to August 2012 Product Manager for Nozzles Division (PTFE Nozzles for SF6 Circuit Breakers).

Role and Responsibility as Product Manager of Nozzles Division : DuFlon Polymers Pvt. Ltd.

  • As a PM I was responsible for the Growth of the Division as regards top line and improved profitability.
  • The role involves complete supply chain management with the support of Plant & Purchase.
  • Increased sales turnover of the division by 100%.
  • Finalised the costing process and developed a robust cost structure reflecting actual data. Received approval for 15% price rise from all the customers.
  • Profitability improved by 75%.

August 2005 to Jun 2008 DuFlon Polymers Pvt. Ltd. Manager – Maintenance & Projects (Teflon (PTFE) Processing Units). 

  • Increased MTBF for an Imported Isostatic Press (900 Bars-12,000+ PSI) from 1 month to 7 months.
  • Improved service availability of Maintenance Team.
  • Generated Maintenance schedules for 60 Critical-to-Production Machines and monitored the same for effective execution of Preventive Maintenance.
  • Greenfield Projects for capacity addition. Completed two new Manufacturing set-ups within budget and approved timeline.
  • Plan and implement changes to machinery. Improved Machine Availability for Rubber Moulding Presses up to 70%.
  • Developed low-cost Automation and Material Handling Solution for Higher size Processing. (Savings of Rs. Fifteen Lacs).
  • Successful completion of Express Feeder Power Supply – Project in stipulated time. (Rs. Twenty Five Lacs Project).
  • Introduced Assembly line concept in PTFE-Moulding shop by changing layout of machines. This resulted in complete elimination of cross contamination in filling stations and Improved productivity by 20%.
  • Successful Implementation of SAP – Plant Maintenance Module and trained all Maintenance labour for data entry and report generation.
  • Machinery Purchase for Investment Casting Foundry at Ahmedabad. (Rs. 2 Crores).
  • Development of Vendor Complex for Dedicated Vendors. (Complete green-field project from layout to machinery installation).
  • Successfully completed a Six Sigma Project for reducing rejection from 14% to 6%. (Green Belt Certification in Six Sigma completed).

May 1999 to August 2005 Monginis Foods Pvt. Ltd. Manager – Maintenance & Projects (Bakery Products). 

  • Improved availability of spares for minimum breakdown times. Preventive maintenance of 40+ machines in food industry.
  • Developed Modular Cold Storages for preservation of food products. Increased storage capacity by 80% within same floor space.
  • Successfully implemented PLC-based automation of Mixing Process. Improved quality consistency for cake batter.
  • Concept to Commissioning of SCADA for Baking facility.
  • Improved machine performance for “Batter Depositing Machine” through Six Sigma project.
  • Commissioned “Tray Cleaning Machine”, which was decided to be scraped by the Company, saving cost of about Rs. 20 lacs.
  • Machinery Purchase for Various Manufacturing units at Surat Factory and Ahmedabad Factory.
  • Complete machinery installation for Manufacturing Franchises at Surat and Ahmedabad.
  • Active participation in getting the HACCP Certification for the Organisation.
  • Improved Packing Process through “Low Cost Automation”.
  • Developed “Collapsible Trolley” for Oven Loading of Moulds, reducing cake mould loading time in deck ovens by 75%.

May 1997 to May 1999 Production-in-Charge for Brass Chained Terminals. 

  • Responsible for Twenty, “High Speed Transfer” Presses. Billets (India) Pvt. Ltd.
  • Improved material planning (both Raw material and the finished goods) by coordinating with concerned agencies.
  • Developed new products and manufactured the same with better productivity than earlier products.
  • Improved resource utilization (especially the Manpower) through multitasking, two-presses-one operator.

June 1996 to May 1997 Custom Capsules Pvt. Ltd. Senior Engineer – Productivity Improvement Projects (Hard Gelatin capsules for veterinary applications).

  • Developed light weight moulds to reduce strain on operators, which resulted in 10% rise in productivity.
  • Developed “Capsule Cutting Machine” to be used for rejected capsules. 80% salvage of Rejected capsules.
  • Developed “Rat Capsule” – Moulds.

May 1994 to June 1996 Duet Engineers Pvt. Ltd. Production Engineer (Production of Extruded Aluminium Grilles, Metal-False Ceiling Panels and Light Fittings).

  • Production Planning and resources allocation for 15 Sheet Metal fabrication machines.
  • Responsible for 80 workmen.
  • Introduced the concept of Machine Loading Charts and achieved 25% higher output per machine.
  • Reduced Machine Idle Time to 20% by proper sequencing of the jobs.

August 1992 to April 1994 Engineer – Quality Control.

  • Inspection of Fabricated assemblies and machined components.
  • Third Party Inspection of Equipments. Transweigh (India) Pvt. Ltd.
  • Responsible for Raw Material Inspection like ERW Pipes, Structural Steel Members etc.
  • Started Inspection schedules for three inspectors of the department.
  • Coordinating with subcontracting department for material availability for inspection.
  • Functional checks of Electronic Control Panels.

August 1991 to August 1992 Trainee Site Engineer. Thermax Ltd.

  • Erection of Paint Shop for Tractor Wheels at Faridabad, Haryana. Onsite Structural Fabrication for Paint Shop.
  • Erection of Thermic Fluid Heater.
  • Material Chasing for “Mahindra & Mahindra – Nasik” site.

What kind of projects is Abhay Inamdar looking for?

Product development assignments, 

Process optimization projects,

Outsourcing manufacturing activities.

Special purpose machine building.

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