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1 year ago



Scalefusion Infinity Partner Program


J scalefusion NFINITY

Open New Avenues for Your Business

Grow your business with the Scalefusion Infinity Partner Program

We are excited to announce the launch of our very own Partner Program- the Scalefusion Infinity Partner Program! · Scalefusion has always been on a mission to introduce new features and capabilities to resolve the mobility-related business concerns of enterprises across the glob ...

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Alok Londhe

2 years ago

« x 4 Scalefusion Blog

Round Up Posts from Scalefusion MDM - Part 1 - Feb 2021

In this blog, we've shortlisted top blogs from Scalefusion to help the Mobile device management industry, folks. The blogs will be a guide for IT admins to perform activities related to Android, iOS, & Windows 10 devices. · 1. How to Disable Power Button on Android Devices? · Con ...

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Alok Londhe

2 years ago

Top Profile Creation Sites List 2020 — High DA & PA to Skyrocket your SEO Organic Ranking

Making a profile on the networking platform is the approach to increase the traffic of the site and to achieve to your audiences. Profile creation sites disperse the magic of the profile creation feature, where everyone can create profiles and remain connected with the viewers. I ...

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Alok Londhe

2 years ago

Device Leasing

[ 1
Il =| il
Sint Device & POS ering [ :
NUOVO Lot testes beeen cme 00 recaers {Imm |


A Fintech Startup that is a Better Alternative to PayJoy

Meet 'NuovoPay' a better Alternative to 'Payjoy' - Make smartphone leasing easy irrespective of users' credit history using 'Mobile Locking Technology' to protect leased devices against non-payment.  · Nuovopay helping technology financing companies, device leasing companies, and ...

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Alok Londhe

2 years ago

“J Scalefusion

Make IT work
for remote

IT Management: 5 Best Practices for Remote Work

Going fully remote and facilitating work from home for an entire organization puts a heavy burden on the IT teams. Right from ensuring that all the employees have seamless access to the company resources so as to be productive, to making sure that there are no security loopholes ...

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Alok Londhe

2 years ago

Lockdown of iPads for Business Use

iPad is Apple’s remarkable technological innovation. Since its entry, it has created a benchmark of how it can be useful to consumers as well as businesses. · iPad has powerful features which nor the consumers or the businesses are using them all. If at all they leverage, It can ...

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Alok Londhe

2 years ago

“J Scalefusion

MDM for K-12

A Guide to Choose Right MDM for Education (MDM for K-12)

Digital transformation of classrooms has been on the rise in the last decade but in this COVID-19 situation, it has increased tenfold. The upsurge in the use of mobile devices in day to day lives made mobile adoption in classrooms easier. Deploying technology in classrooms has al ...

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Alok Londhe

2 years ago

DP Scalefusion | tobe Drver vansgerment

Why Companies Need to

Rethink Their Communication



* /
Strategy for Remote Teams? I

Communication Strategy for Your Remote Team


It's time companies realize the significance of using a unified and streamlined team

communication app for corporate purposes. Let's get to know how remote teams
communicate with each other for business purposes and how companies can keep
the entire communication process within a secure and controlled environment

A remote team can include
the following types of executives


Major industrial sectors that
employ remote teams






Oil & Gas


— QUEL 12)


Paperbased Typical Communication Open/public
instant messaging
CocURSIEE Methods Used for i sisi
Remote Teams








Hospitality Healthcare


Shipping &




Remote Team Communication:
Top 8 Stats and Facts


of professionals work remotely
ot least one doy © week

of employees fail to read or engage
with company emails and content


of employers predict a constant rise in
the use of instant messaging apps


of employees state thot team-work and
colloboration leads to workplace



of companies lack a long-term
strategy for internal communications



of employees say thot lack of effective
team communication results in
workplace failures



of employees are dissatisfied with the
state of internal communications in their



of employees feel that lack of team
alignment impacts task completion
and project delivery

Challenges caused by insufficient
team communication

Lock of employee or team


Untimely delivery of important


Delay in effective decisionmaking


Insufficient employer governance

Distractions and interruptions

of work q 06

Lock of monitoring process
leading to cases of data breach

Elements of a comprehensive team
communication app

< JE B

[en Ability to share Eosy access to

important contoct

list including ITE Pre
team members, [ZI
odmins, ond

managers LIT


message delivery information in rey


ELLER varied formats

ond trusted [LRP RTE

LLLSTre members for

rr or

network images, files, etc quick resolution


Eva Communications Suite for
Your Remote Workforce

A simple and effective team communication app that aims to streamline business
conversations across your remote workforce to drive employee productivity. context. data
secunty and operational efficiency - all within a controlled and unified envircnment

& Strategic and real time team based collaboration 01)

(= Encrypted messages ensuring data security (5)

<& Secure instant team messaging platform 0 3)

(- Provision for both sim-based and VoIP calls NE

06 Allows group chat. broadcast message, conference -NED
Effective contact management for lesser distractions 07)

08 Prompt real-time updates and alerts about your = *

Discover Scalefusion’s Eva Communication Suite
and its bunch of intuitive features that drive a



Options to share files. voice messages. and images

focused & effective team communication strategy

for your remote workforce.

Why Companies Need to Rethink Their Communication Strategy for Remote Teams Infographic

Today’s business world is extremely overwhelmed with the constant introduction of new communication tools, channels, and platforms – each promising to heighten employee productivity and operational efficiency. The ultimate challenge lies with the companies who need to cherry-pick ...

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Alok Londhe

2 years ago

“J Scalefusion

Block users from exiting
lock down mode using
Power Button

How to Disable Power Button on Android Devices

Locking Android devices for business use is one of the key contributors to device efficiency as well as to employee productivity. The company-owned Android devices used by employees for work can be configured with stringent security policies, allowing access only to business-spec ...

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Alok Londhe

3 years ago

“J Scalefusion

Discovering mPQOS
Facts | Trends | Market Insights

mPOS: Future Market Growth and Enterprise Benefits Infographic

As modern shoppers, their expectations and mobile technologies are constantly evolving, the payments industry with newer techniques cannot fall behind. The role of the mobile point of sale is undeniable in the contemporary shopping/purchase journey scenarios. Ideally, an mPOS is ...

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Alok Londhe

3 years ago

“J Scalefusion MDM

The Magnified Mobile Ecosystem
Adoption, Trends & Future Outlook

Global Mobility Adoption

Today's digrtal generation is shifting from Mobile Firs

1B 4.3B

Mobile Users op ie Internet Users


loT Endpoints.


5-Elements of Mobility that Ensure
Connectivity, Productivity, and Performance

e  ®

Devices Network Operating








The Game of DEVICES


Understanding the device market


42.21% 53.465% 4.33%

Smartphones Tablets

Global smartphones market share by manufacturers




Share of web traffic by devices

(412% (er ( 4.2% ) ¢)

Laptops & Desktops Mobile Phones Tablets Other Devices


A Network that Grows with Generations


1980 1990 2000 2010 2020
28 kbps 96 kbps 383 kbps 100 Mbps 10 Gbps
internet internet


Globalmobile 4.88
connections &
subscriptions of

Results in global
telecom spends of


Mobile Operating System
Market Share Worldwide





A Crowded Marketplace of

Mobile Applications

Global population of App stores

2.47M ( a | 0.48M
Google Play =) Amazon Appstore
18M 0.67M
Apple App store Windows phone


How App markets performed in 2018?

Top 5 App categories by download

Apple App Store Google Play Store

Games Games

#2 Photo & Video #2 Tools
Entertainment Entertainment

Utilities. Communication

Social Networking Photography


generated $365 B

Total Apps Downloads from total revenue of
App Store (30 B) & Google Play Store (75 B)


Connecting the Dots with Internet

Global digital population in 2019

A» 4.338 ° 3.93B
&< Active Internet users $ Active social media users

> 3.358 [&] 3.468

Unique mobile Active mobile social
internet users media users

The devices of different size and shape are getting smarter with internet.
Here is how the growth of internet of Things has been so far

2006 2016 2018 2020
Oe Js
2B 6.38B 8.48B 208B
Trends in Mobility

Understand how mobile technology adoption is shaping
the industries, businesses and consumers with these 5 trends.

5G Network


224 1.48B Add $2.2 T
Operators are investing 5G connections Global Economy
in 5G mobile or 5G fixed by 2025 Over Next 15 Years

wireless broadband

Internet of Things


23 57M
Units sold every Units shipped
minute in Q2,2019


Artificial Intelligence

amazon diexa

60,000+ 90,000+ 100M

Smart devices are Skills available Devices run Alexa
compatible with on Alexa

Mobile Commerce


197+M 100M $2078
People per month Users Use Amazon Total Revenue
globally visit Prime Globally
Amaz om on their




Augmented Reality

800M + 5M+ $1.2B
Downloads Daily Active Users Total Revenue
Future Outlook

How does mobile world will look like in 2022?

] 53) @®

5.7 B mobile users 550 M 5G subscnbers 28.5 Mbps average
mobile internet

a Do

260 M App downloads 1 Z will

ile payments



$4.6 T revenue c
from Mobile t
mobile payments services

ogies &


Are you ready to cope up with these trends?

See how

500+ businesses are alre.

4 Scalefusion MD




5 // www gsmaintedigence com

hootsuite com



www busine ssota




[www gsma com

Ips: [[waww researchandmarkets od L-501v00s- 2019-a-sunvey-of-the



Jassets /solsp/nitarecast high


sqhts_mobie/pdt/Giobal 2022 Forcast Highlights pdf

Ips: [[veww statista com/outiook/3 workdwidost market users.




umber -of-apps -avaiabie- n-leading-app-s totes)

Hitps //netmarketshare com/device-market-share

The Magnified Mobile Ecosystem Infographic

Today Gen Z comprises 32% of the total global population of 7.7 billion. Well, that’s a big number! · This generation will soon start working with some of the prominent brands, and some might even want to begin their entrepreneurial journey. The point is, these tech-savvy youngst ...

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Alok Londhe

3 years ago

“J Scalefusion MDM


CO uid 4

Mobile Threats - Are You Ready To Fight Them Back?
Facts | Insights | Trends

According to the researchers at Check Point - a leader in cybersecurity solutions, there


might be a 50% increase in smartphone targeted cybe ed with last year


This ye s witnessed a noticeable rise in malware 3 st mobile devices


where hackers have specifically focused th a
malicious ads, credential theft, and surve


acking smartphones with

Top 6 Reasons Behind This Sharp Rise
of Mobile Security Threats

uo 2

Increasing use of mobile Data leakags


to Connecting mob


banking apps uninhibited use of random apps unsecured Wi


S =
Network spoohing through Phishing attacks by clicking Enterprise use of outdated devices
fake access points on unsecured email links without software patches

The Names of 5 Most Notable Mobile Security Threats


Top Mobile Threat Statistics By
Kaspersky Lab In Q1 2019

Detected Mobile Banking, Trojans Detected Mobile Ransomware
Installed Packages Installed Packages


Detected Malicious Installed Packages.


112067 > 106519
Financial i “ Ransomware Trojans
Matware Attacks ZR Attacks


Top 5 Types Of Malicious Mobile Apps Distributed

oy Risk Tool
30% =
Trojan Dropper



[] 7% Trin-sms

Top 5 Countries Attacked By Mobile Malware
& Mobile Banking Trojans

= ee Re

Pakistan Australia

32% yy

Iran Turkey

28% [0 X.2:)

Bangladesh ROSE]

249 (0 RC 1)

Algeria South Africa



MTD can work in conjunction with an MDM solution
to drive foolproof data, application, and network security.

MTD Capabilities

k, detect and deactivate suspicious & malicious
Ela Re EC Ta [si

© Supervise system parameters & device's

® Check integrity of SSL connections & website

® Detect and stop data-leakage through malware
filtering, code analysis & reputation scanning

© Secure against network attacks by encrypting traffic
connecting to open WiFi networks.


MDM Functions

J Scalefusion MDM

Leverage Scalefusion MDM along with a robust MTD Solution
to seamlessly secure & manage your enterprise data and devices

[Infographic] The Growing Need of Mobile Threat Defense

The ever-growing pertinence of mobile devices and our increasing dependency on them is like a coin with two sides – at one end, the benefits and convenience provided by mobile devices, in both personal and professional world, are matchless and totally extendible, but on the other ...

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