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System fetches
Quality data directly
Proc Assurance into database,
essing eRule-based in standard
*Once the quality check formats, and
Recognition document type procedures users can
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ee o processing document type like OCR, OMR, or was archives
np functions are is determined. and ICR are incorrectly
eDocuments deployed to leveraged to processed
PDFs, images, remove capture
spreadsheets, problems from relevant data

electronic scanned images
documents etc

are captured

from a variety

of soruces

5 Exceptional Benefits of Automated Data Capture

Government agencies in the Indian Metro of Bengaluru had to face the daunting challenge of tracing more than 500 COVID-19 positive tested people, as massive errors committed by data entry operators reduced the number of infected people just to 8. The glaring example sets the prec ...

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Product Photo Editing Best Practices to Enhance Profitability

Increase in popularity of eCommerce and the dependency of customers on what they see on online shopping sites demand high quality and multiple product images with detailed product information that is up-to-date and authentic. Product photos captured in-house or from third parties ...

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Why should you outsource data cleansing? Find out 3 main benefits

Companies nowadays are busy looking after the client’s requirements that they tend to forget to look after their own precious asset. By asset here I’m referring to ‘Data’ generated, collected, and used by organizations from different sources. If you can upgrade your systems on ti ...

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Y 40% of users change their email addresses at least once
every two years

20 % of postal addresses change every year
18% of all telephone numbers change every year

21% of all CEOs change every year

Statistics on how often do critical contact data fields change

Why Cleaning Sales Data is Crucial for Businesses?

Cleansing sales leads to ensure accurate and actionable data is what companies struggle with. Inaccurate data or poor quality of data results in ineffective decisions, making data cleansing an imperative for businesses. Cleaning business data is imperative to make overall data ma ...

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Why You Need to Automate Your Invoice Processing?

Businesses and their distributed departments receive invoices from suppliers in paper form, and via email, fax, mails and various electronic formats. Enterprises end up spending significant amount of cost and labor processing invoices manually and sending them to a centralized ac ...

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How automation improves
data accuracy in real SR yy

How automation improves data entry accuracy in real estate?

Manual data entry from real estate documents is accountable to have erroneous and out-of-date information. None of the real estate player would want it while making decisions. · With today’s advancements in technology, and automation of processes; a more efficient real estate dat ...

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How Data Visualization makes Company Data Work for You?

Aggregation of raw unstructured data from corporate origins, company’s websites, social media channels, offline data or many other sources owes a potential to add value to organizations data base. Failing to realize that they aren’t conveying crisp information but are just creati ...

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Why Data Collection is so important for Marketing Firms?

Customer data collection is the key to every marketing strategy that a company develops. In absence of data, the marketing activity can be said to be done blindfolded expecting to reach out to the target audience. Those who have worked with marketing and sales teams know the age- ...

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il kc So

Importance of Data Collection in Marketing for Growing Business

Outsourced data collection helps marketers meet the increasing need for personalization, and learn everything they can about their customers. It is the only way marketing efforts of any company can succeed. Without data, or with help of dirty or inaccurate data, you are marketing ...

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With LEE]
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LE 2020


Customer To identify target markets
Needs & better positioning
Retailers should know of
- — customer demands, needs, &
& © wants


Instant gratification Faultless services Trendy Products

How retail analytics &
business intelligence benefits?

SMART ADVERTISING: Right Ads to right people at the right time

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da 3=

Right message to right people at the right moment | =


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DYNAMIC PRICING: Optimize price with concurrent market trends






marketers witnessed high impact on ROI by personalizing online experience,.
but only 6% retailers actually useit...! x


marketers agree that personalization increased ROI, and
74% agree of improved engagement. . but only 19% useiit...! <7

EreEpEEEEE 19%

sales and marketing executives increased their competitive lead by
accessing real-time data




Success stories of
\ Retailers amazon
Amazon adopted the tactic of
Netflix, the streaming giant enticed the highlighting key tastes and products

to match, and reported a 29% sales
increase to $12.83 billion, up from
$9.9 billion during.

right viewer through right viewing content,
from $9 billion an year, witnessed a 30%
increase year on year.


( Cadbury's spoke to customers’ to identify their 0
personal tastes in chocolate and obtained a 65%
click-through rate and a 33.6% conversation rate.


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tec ZN info@hitechbpo com
Your Trusted Outsourcing Partner Copight © 2018 H- Tach BPO. Al rights ressrvec.

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Importance of Business Intelligence and Analytics in Retail Industry [Infographic]

Increased penetration of analytics in the retail industry has made retail analytics companies come up like mushrooms. If we look at the benefits of business intelligence in the Retail industry, nothing is wrong in this increased adoption. The retail market is fickle, and market t ...

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What you need to know about your lead data

62% 25% 40%

organizations rely on 828 database business objectives
marketing data that's contacts contain fail due to
Up To 40% Inaccurate Critical Errors Inaccurate Data


Inaccurate or bad data costs more than

Data cleansing empowers businesses
to score and route the right leads
to the right marketer.





[LUTEENT] Make Sales BoA Customer
Cost JTLT Jig To] Email EEE [REIT
Savings iL Whitelist Customer


hitech: FAN Let

Email us on: info@hitechbpo.com




1. Zoominko

2 Saks & Marketing nsyite

3 Dun & Bradstreet Data Copyright © 2078 H-Tech BPO. Al rights reserved

Cleanse Your Lead Data and Route Right Marketer to Right Customer [Infographic]

Customer experience, starting right from first sales call to after sales service, is the new competitive differentiator compelling companies to change their mindset, reorganize their internal processes and keep costs under control. Customer-centricity is a cultural shift that sta ...

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Companies Should Use Data on Hand to “Out-Think” Their Competitors

With so many data and analytics forces at play – both from within the industry and outside; organizations are required to keep up to the speed of evolving market and data dynamics to make profitable growth. Analytics is known to drive business strategy and performance since ages. ...

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Market Research & Not that Leap of Faith Will Help Your Business Succeed

Market research in last few years has gained immense momentum, becoming crucial not only for startups; but also for established businesses to make profitable growth. With more and more brand competing in the market for shelf space and market share, the competition in the market i ...

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Key to Successful Data Analytics are Experience, Expertise and Clear Business Objectives

Companies and enterprises across the world are running like headless chickens towards digitally orientated business environment, with humongous amount of data at their disposal. If reports are to be believed, businesses will be required to deal with more data than ever, which is ...

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Prescriptive Analytics
Simulation & Optimization


Predictive Analytics

S20 | Descriptive Analytics

Business Intelligence and Data Mining

Descriptive, Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics Will Fail to Help You Understand Your Business

It has been a practice followed religiously by companies and organizations to analyze how they have performed over a period of time. It is mandatory for them to do so; just that some do it to survive and some do it to thrive in concurrent market dynamics. If we look at the histor ...

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Turning Uncertainty into Value

We are living in an era where businesses are required to keep themselves prepared against frequent market slowdowns, economic meltdowns, evolving marketing gimmicks, concurrent market dynamics and what not. This is the time where companies and organizations tend to focus not on e ...

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