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Role of “Digital Classes in schools”

A digital classroom is a classroom that is fully immersed in technology. Each student has access to an Internet-connected device, whether it be a laptop, tablet, Chromebook, or another device, and the majority (or all of) the curriculum is delivered via an online, engaging, inter ...

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5 MM cc
Major similarities and differences between JSG 0852 & S1000D 7 COD! Ora


1. Needs Raw content to covert to SQL

2. HTML/SGML as source file

3. 1ETM has inbuilt Authoring tool, Content
management tool, User Management and

4. Works in Standalone and Client server mode

5. IETM has Viewer and Administrator and
Author Modules

6. Content can be edited by OEM without any

7. In short, OEM need not have any software
to deploy IETM

Needs Raw content to covert to XML Database

XML as source file

OEM or the place IETM 1s being deployed must have CSDB
webserver to host the Data Modules/ s1000d XML files to
have user management and content management.

Vendor give 510004 files to OEM. If OEM has CSDB studio
server then [ETP can be hosted in that server. Otherwise,
it plays in standalone machine as a Viewer.

OEM needs $1000d author tool, commercially available off
the shelf software to edit

. OEM must have s1000d CSDB server to deploy s1000d

files. If no CSDB Server is available then $1000d can still
be viewed in Viewer without any Administration tools

S1000D: Defined, Explained, and Explored

What is S1000D? · S1000D is the European standard of technical publications or technical documentation being followed in Aerospace since 1980, which uses CSDB, a Common source database which is used for preparing, managing, and publishing technical information for a warship, or A ...

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