Manoranjan Longjam Interview

Photography has become the part and parcel of everyone’s lives. With the love for photography increasing more than ever, photographers are constantly evolving their ideas and even the form of photography. · Manoranjan Longjam is one such reputed director and photographer who has ...

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Wedding Photographers: How to Thrive During Lockdown Scenarios

What can a judge do when the boy and girl agree? A lot, if the judge is a corona virus. ·   · Wedding plans for 2021 have been hamstrung for many brides, grooms, and families due to COVID-19. They are not, however, alone. Wedding planners, hall owners, priests, caterers, and phot ...

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Tips for Designing Superior Photobooks

Photobook immortalizes memories captured with such expertise and proficiency. Each page you flip through, take you through diverse emotions that instigate feelings of joy, passion and happiness. · Professional PhotoBook · 1. USE NUMBER OF PHOTOS/PAGE JUDICIOUSLY: · Don’t throng a ...

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