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Code and Pixels Premises

Documents converted to
SQL database

CNP Author Studio



All types of legacy documents, Manuals, ISPL, Pictures, Videos

CNP = Code and Pixels CSDB = Common Source database

CNP CSDB Viewer “CNPV-0852" software will be installed at client server or cloud

or (on)

(AWS, Google cloud)


Local Server
Linux A z= Windows10 Neg

IETM Administrator


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What is Interactive Electronic Technical Manual (IETM) and How Does it Work?

Yesterday, We have received a call, “Can you develop IET Manuals for our System?”, and we said Yes, We have been doing it for 8 years. Immediate question was, can you share 10 pages of the sample ? · IETM is a Software/ Web Application Having Database · We would like to clarify h ...

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Speaking Te

- A
© Tutorials, seminars, presentations

© Q&A Nlectues
© One-to-one sessions (personal tor, doctor, employer etc )
© Class Group Orscussions. Group task work

AN ~
Importance | L
© Most obvious skit
© Most interactive skill
© Develops understanding rough comuication ’



© Develops inter-parsonal skills (team work



© Usd in assessme

Take every opportundy 10 speak

o Ask questions!

© Use Academic Skis resources (presentaion space) J
© Observe native speaters

© Ropeat Ask for clarification


» Lack of confidence
© Uncertain about -Umengvocabularyinkeracton
‘» Docoding of non-verbal inkormation
® Lack of knowlodge of presentaton sits


LEVEL icon to

Role of English language in India

Languages are important in the life of any nation. The members of a social group need language to communicate with each other, for all social purposes, for public administration, for commerce and industry, for education and so on. · Ours is a country with Multilingual, Multicultu ...

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