Savithri k Kalburgi

Savithri k Kalburgi

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Savithri K Kalaburgi

Dear Hiring manager,

I am writing to apply for the data scientist position. My excellent analytical and problem-solving skills, advanced knowledge of applied mathematics and statistics, and level of education make me perfect for this position.


I have done my  B.E(Engineering) from RNSIT, Bangalore,

I have done my  Pre-university from Jain college, Bangalore,

I have done my Primary education from Mount everest school, Bangalore,


Skills: data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, tableau, python, power bi, sql

I have done many hands on experience projects based machine learning, deep learning and python 

Where I am hungry to learn ,implement

Earn success to the organization

I have good hold on deployment, data analysis, data visualization. 

As I have done many projects which deals in different ascepts, Firstly I look into data analysis then coming to conclusion of what libraries we can use to solve problems Even I have on gpu as well and seen how things works on it I have certification on advance data science as well I am good at problem solving analysing implementing and deployment



What kind of projects is Savithri k Kalburgi looking for?

Data scientist or data analyst or data science projects 

or any related development jobs.

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