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As a Production Engineer, well cognizant of the term “Kaizen” and its far-reaching implications, I would depict my academic and vocational journey graph through a series of small comfortable steps towards improvement over a long haul, that have made me evolve into a competent manager with 34 months of experience in Purchasing, Strategy Development and Business Understanding and Operations. Bolstered by my strong academic background, internships at Toyota, Krishna Maruti, Polestar Solutions & Services India and professional tenure at MG motor and Inframantra A competitive and rigorous graduate work culture would be a fast-paced vector to catapult my current state into more ambitious future opportunities.



As a student, I undertook two flagship group projects, which enhanced my theoretical knowledge and helped me crystalize my career goal of emerging as an empowered Production Engineer. One of the projects entitled “A Multi-Sustainable Supply Chain Model for Resource Allocation Having Limited Shelf Life” was developed in C++ using Dijxstra and Bitmapping. This model is analogous to Bee-Technology. Using this model, a most efficient critical path can be obtained while transporting products from a distribution center to N number of customers. Our model presents a comprehensive solution for designing distribution networks and optimizes the network in three dimensions of costs (particularly in transportations), responsiveness and environmental conservation. Working on this project, I became aware of the logistic challenges people face due to traffic congestion , weather changes, sub-standard labor performance, inadequate automation, redundancy of work, etc. I wanted to delve deeper into this domain, so that I can contribute towards building efficient logistics and thus, the idea of graduate studies took root in my mind.


My 8th-semester project was on the topic Statistical and Ann Based Predictive Model: A Case Study. In this paper, we studied the conventional forecasting & statistical methods for finding the predictive analysis of passenger vehicles with the month-wise data of 16 years. Correlation and Regression methods were implemented on the data and it was found that three factors, Per Capita Income, Unemployment, Interest rate, affected the sales critically. 


Throughout my engineering study, I strived to widen my horizons and simultaneously prodded into the depths of my areas of interest. In this pursuit of knowledge, I apprehended many new techniques and skills to stay abreast of the changing global dynamics in my field. I have completed a Green Belt Six Sigma Coarse from Otifas and beyond classroom settings, I got the opportunity to learn from experienced professionals during my three internships. At Toyota, as an intern, I worked in easing the logistic of trim Line. In Krishna Maruti Private Limited, I completed training for 6 weeks at the Assembly Department of the Plant, working on the project on “Floor Rack Standardization” to improve the rack design in order to make the process more efficient. I was able to successfully reduce 120 seconds of the manual operator time that was even effectively applied. Next, I interned for 14 weeks in IT Department as an Analyst at Polestar Solutions & Services India Private Limited. I accomplished training in QlikSense, QlikNprinting and Qlik View and was sent to the client site (Government e-Marketplace ) to work on the data model of GEM version 2.0 and GEM version 3.0 in Qlik Sense. I worked on user Interface and made dashboards and streams as per the client’s requirement.


Adding to my academic pursuits, as a part of the National Service Scheme (NSS), I tutored underprivileged students in a nearby village for three years and have participated in other community service work. Active on the extracurricular front during college, I served as the Founder and Head of Ehsaas Film Society. I made 8 movies and tutored juniors and seniors with direction and editing skills. I was an active Core Committee Member of my college’s technical and cultural festivals and also participated and won some of the events. 


Post the completion of my undergraduate study, all my efforts bore fruit when I got recruited by MG Motors as a Deputy Manager in view of my considerable subject knowledge. Over the 28 months tenure at the company, I have acquired extensive experience in material planning and warehouse management. I have been assigned to several projects of Scrap Management, Building Support, GA Shop Floor Design and Optimization, Knock Down Parts Procurement Management and Vaishnavi Trolley Supplier Negotiation Management. I have evaluated plentiful kaizen in line in order to reduce space and ascend an ease in communication and understanding of part storage, line feeding and simplicity of process and procedures in following kanban activity. From ordering of parts till the parts come to MGI Plant including GRN of material and payment of parts, all need to be ensured by the material planners. Currently, I am working in material planning where I procure more than 1200+ distinct imports knock down parts from China for Saleable_Build and SOP(Start of Production)_Build for Model Hector and Model_Z with different ordering and forecasting strategies. Earlier I was in the warehouse and Line feeding team where I was involved in supplying part from the warehouse to Line Side and was also indulged in the optimization of space in general assembly line. It is my privilege to work in the supply chain field in an industry where I got chance to learn from the basics how an automobile plant is established , because when I joined , the warehouse and general assembly plant of MG Motor were engaged in their initial constructions for complete setup  of the plant and therefore I got to learn even the minute details of establishing a production plant and handling its logistic related activities. 

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