Lohgarh, Punjab

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About me:

I have been responsible in designing and delivering corporate offices in India. My experience has been exhaustive since I have worked with diverse clientele like Oracle, HSBC, Societe Generale, PWC, Atlassian, Here Technologies, Google, Micron and Wells Fargo to name a few. 


Bachelor in Architecture from Bachelor in Architecture


I have been working with DWP Interics, a leading Interior Architecture firm in India, as an Associate Director, for the past 14 years. My job involves:


  • capturing the client’s needs and requirements, spatial planning—both at a macro and micro level, reviewing building regulations compliance during the pre-design stage.
  • ensuring site due diligence to check feasibility of the site.
  • working on efficiency calculations and design matrices. 
  • designing the entire floor layout/ layouts/ campus.
  • proposing to the client, themes and concepts, to help develop the design.
  • visualizing the space and bringing it together with the right materiality.
  • working closely with 3d visualizers to help develop each of the spaces.
  • collaborating with international architects for peer review design, in some projects. This process includes reviewing of the design with the peer review architect, discussing options on materiality and developing alternate proposals. 
  • collaborating with both internal and external project teams to ensure that the project is delivered as per the required design standards.
  • managing external hired consultants (MEP, Acoustics, LEED, Kitchen, Lighting and other specialized consultants)
  • reviewing tender docuements,  good for construction drawings and shop drawings.
  • finding resolutions for day to day issues that arise during the course of the project. 


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