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Today's Top Environment News Alert

◆ Law enforcement officials from India, Bhutan, and Nepal are participating in a nine-day workshop aimed at training them in combating wildlife trafficking in South Asia. Organized by TRAFFIC India and WWF-India, in collaboration with the South Asia Wildlife Enforcement Network (SAWEN) and the Wildlife Crime Control Bureau (WCCB) of the Government of India, the workshop aims to strengthen and enhance the capacity of law enforcement agencies in Bhutan, India, and Nepal.

The Tribune

India, Bhutan and Nepal collaborate to curb wildlife trafficking in South Asia

The project aims at strengthening and building the capacity of law enforcement agencies in Bhutan, India and Nepal by focusing on strengthening the participants' knowledge and skills in curbing wildlife trafficking in the region.


◆ Nitin Gadkari, the Union Minister of Road Transport and Highways of India, inaugurated the 8th Edition of the India Water Impact Summit (IWIS) at the Dr Ambedkar International Centre. Organized by the National Mission for Clean Ganga (NMCG) and the Center for Ganga River Basin Management and Studies (cGanga), the three-day summit from November 22 to 24, 2023, is focused on the theme 'Development vis-à-vis Land, Water and Rivers.'


Nitin Gadkari Inaugurates 8th India Water Impact Summit (IWIS) in New Delhi

Nitin Gadkari urged scientists to focus on proven technologies, economic viability, availability of raw materials, and marketability of finished products.


◆ Tourism is adversely affecting the ecology of Uttarakhand, and those in power should take measures to halt the unprecedented human intrusion into the natural ecosystem.


Halt human intrusion

Refer to ‘Tunnel cave-in’; the authorities should address the root cause of the problem which they have ignored until now. Encroaching upon eco-sensitive zones prone to landslides and subsidence leads to man-made calamities. The Uttarakhand government should learn from past incidents in


◆ A Royal Bengal Tiger, which has been spotted in a forest in Odisha, has travelled more than 2,000 km across four states, perhaps in search of a suitable territory, a forester said on Thursday.


Royal Bengal Tiger travels over 2,000 km in search of suitable territory, spotted in Odisha

Bhubaneswar, Nov 23 (PTI) A Royal Bengal Tiger, which has been spotted in a forest in Odisha, has travelled more than 2,000 km across four states, perhaps in search of a suitable territory, a forester said on Thursday. The same big cat was earlier found in a Maharashtra forest, he said. The male tiger, whose […]


◆ The discovery of a dead crocodile at Bhitarkanika National Park in India was only the latest sign of a longtime plastic problem.


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Today's Top Environment News Alert

◆ A book on the rivers of India was recently honoured with a well-known literary award in West Bengal. Nadijibir Notebook (‘notebook on rivers’) a book in Bengali by writer and river scientist Supratim Karmakar, published in 2022, was honoured with the Namita Chattopadhyay Sahitya Samman 2023 on November 18 at the Bangla Akademi in Kolkata. 

? Town Raha, Nagaon, Assam

rueity Case
? Town Raha, Nagaon, Assam 1

‘Notebook on rivers’ wins literary award in West Bengal

Supratim Karmakar's book "Nadjibi Notebook" honoured with Namita Chattopadhyay Sahitya Samman 2023. Book deals with the rivers of India, ecology, steps for rejuvenation, dams, hydel power projects, erosion.


‘Notebook on rivers’ wins literary award in West Bengal

Supratim Karmakar's book "Nadjibi Notebook" honoured with Namita Chattopadhyay Sahitya Samman 2023. Book deals with the rivers of India, ecology, steps for rejuvenation, dams, hydel power projects, erosion.


◆ In a highly disturbing incident, four boys in Assam's Nagaon district in Raha Gaon, were seen holding a hen with a firecracker inserted in the private part of the bird. Out of the four boys, two are seen bursting the firecracker while it is inserted in the hen's private part, causing the bird a painful death.


Assam: 4 Boys Insert Firecracker In Hen's Rectum & Burst It; Joke About Its Painful Death In Shocking Video


◆ Four wildlife smugglers were arrested and elephant tusks recovered from them in Thakurmunda forest area of Odisha’s Mayurbhanj district on Sunday.

◆ Increasingly, we find laws that protect forests being cut down, giving way for industries. This brings tribal communities into conflict with the state. The state declares tribal communities that oppose them as Naxalites, or even foreigners who need to be driven out. 


The forest and the field

It simply turns back to look at the man who has now moved out of the forest, and created culture, a space where tigers are not welcome. 


◆ Researchers have found that nanoplastics impact a specific protein found in the brain, causing changes linked to Parkinson’s disease and other types of dementia, a new study has shown.

Nanoplastics may promote conditions for Parkinson’s, dementia: Study

Nanoplastics may promote conditions for Parkinson’s, dementia: Study


◆ Climate change that followed the rampant destruction of land, river, forests and hills in the Western Ghats, has led to disastrous implications in Karnataka. The desertification of land has already started in the state, say experts.


Rampant denudation of Western Ghats may turn Karnataka into a desert

Bengaluru, Nov 19 (IANS): The Western Ghats, also known as the Sahyadri Mountains, is a mountain range that runs parallel to the western coast of India. Experts call them the lifeline of peninsular India that constitutes the states of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala. Climate change that followed the r.....


◆ On the banks of the Shipra River in the Ujjain district of Madhya Pradesh, the traditional "Donkey Fair" is set to commence on November 23. Every year during the Hindu month of Kartik, from Ekadashi to Purnima (full moon night), this fair is held.



Environment India

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Today's Top Environment News Alert

◆ The post-monsoon wildlife census in the core area of the Mudumalai Tiger Reserve (MTR) is set to take place till November 22. The count in the Theppakadu, Kargudi, Mudumalai, Nilakottai and Masinagudi forest ranges started on Wednesday.


Post-monsoon wildlife census begins in MTR

Mudumalai Tiger Reserve (MTR) post-monsoon wildlife census begins, to last till Nov 22. Direct & indirect methods to count wildlife in core area. Training for volunteers & field staff held in Nilgiris. Aim to assess population of tigers, leopards, elephants & other species.


◆ A pregnant leopard was fatally hit by an unidentified vehicle in a freak accident on the Nayakaneri road towards Tamil Nadu near V. Kota mandal headquarters on Wednesday morning.


Pregnant leopard killed in road accident

Freak accident: CHITTOOR leopard fatally hit by vehicle on Nayakaneri road. Autopsy conducted, carcass cremated. Forest officials to sensitise motorists to use caution at night due to wildlife movement.


◆ India’s first elephant hospital, situated in Mathura, continues to redefine the landscape of advanced medical care for rescued elephants. Established in November 2018, the facility stands as a symbol of hope and innovation in the realm of elephant welfare and conservation.


India’s First Elephant Hospital In Mathura Completes Five Years

The hospital now boasts state-of-the-art equipment, including digital X-ray machines, dental X-ray machines, Photobiomodulation Therapy Unit, ultrasonography devices, and a dedicated indoor treatment enclosure for longer medical procedures.


◆ The Tamil Nadu government will soon implement a scheme to prevent the incidents of elephants being hit by trains with the help of AI. Often, the elephants from the forests of Western Ghats are being killed by trains when they cross the railway tracks laid out in the area.


An AI Tool To Prevent Elephant Deaths In Railway Tracks

The Tamil Nadu government will soon implement a scheme to prevent the incidents of elephants being hit by trains.


◆ The forensic analysis report of the wildlife artefacts recovered from the residences of prominent personalities during raids last month are yet to arrive. Meanwhile, the senior forest officials are stressing for the establishment of a wildlife forensic laboratory in Bengaluru for a speedy process.


Karnataka forest officials demand setting up of Wildlife Forensics Lab in Bengaluru

“I think that if we have a lab here, it would be good to check the authenticity of these artefacts here itself,” said a senior forest official.



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From Selfies to Saviors: How Social Media Rescues Animals in Tourism

In today's digital age, where social media has become an integral part of our daily lives, its impact on various aspects of society is truly remarkable. One area where this influence shines brightly is in the world of tourism, especially when it comes to our interactions with our furry and feathered friends. While social media can sometimes be a bit tricky, let's talk about a recent case study by Madelene Blaer, that explores the heartwarming side of our four-legged companions in the tourism scene, with a special focus on how animal rescue organizations can turn travel enthusiasts into animal-loving heroes, all in the digital age.


Now, let's not deny that social media can sometimes act like a double-edged sword. It's true that it has, on occasion, unintentionally encouraged practices that aren't great for our animal buddies, like those wildlife selfies or supporting not-so-friendly industry practices.
But here's the sunny side of the story, and it's a heartwarming one from our very own India. Our incredible animal rescue organizations, like the wonderful folks at Animal Aid and Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations (FIAPO), have put social media to some fantastic use. They've used it as a magic wand to raise awareness and rally support for our animal pals, especially when they're part of the tourism scene.


Now, what's really cool about this approach is that instead of just watching from the sidelines, travelers are diving right into the action. They're out there, helping to rescue and nurse back to health our injured and unwell street animals. And guess what? They're not keeping these wonderful experiences to themselves. They're sharing their tales of love and compassion with these animals on social media for all to see. By doing this, they're not only lending a hand to the cause but also inspiring others to join in.
This case study, which shines a light on organizations that mix animal rights with voluntourism, is like a guidebook for anyone interested. It's meant to get you thinking about the ethics of our animal friends in the tourism world. And guess what? This study isn't just for us. It's meant to help a whole bunch of folks, including other animal rescue teams. They can peek into this treasure trove of knowledge and use it to create magic in their own animal welfare efforts within the tourism sphere.


So, in a nutshell, this case study is like a bright and beautiful picture of how we can all work together to make tourism a better place for our animal pals. It shows us how we can blend our love for animals with our love for travel, all with a sprinkle of social media magic. It's a reminder that when it comes to our furry and feathered friends, kindness and compassion always win the day.


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BioFest- Indian festivals and Biodiversity Part II

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Elephants are migrating towards hilly region in Uttarakhand, India

People of plains region has destroyed their home and now they are compelled to move towards hilly regions for food and shelter.

Now people of hilly regions have to fight with these also, Instead reckless destruction of forest areas of the state if the government has conserved it's decreasing forest in plains, maybe the problem doesn't arise, but what can be done, animals can't vote and when the majority of population itself priorities their facilities above these beings than even government can't do anything.


Manish Dhaulakhandi on LinkedIn: #people #wildlife #wildlifeconservation #ecology #wildlifeconflict…

People of plains region has destroyed their home and now they are compelled to move towards hilly regions for food and shelter.Now people of hilly regions…


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Science and Technology

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Roadkill and solutions

Roadkill is a severe issue in the transportation industry. Crossing deer and other creatures on roadways can pose a life-threatening hazard. Green bridges were started to prevent this.

Wildlife bridges/Green bridges are bridges that are typically covered in various types of native plants. This is done to make them look like a natural part of the landscape and to encourage animal passage.

The video can show how effective are green bridges in avoiding human-animal conflict. But in any case we can not consider it an ultimate solution for roadkill, as animals like snakes, rodents, or large ones cann't use them properly so stopping the deforestation on the name of development should be a priority.

Can you tell us some other solutions ?

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Science and Technology

Sarwar Ansari

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Dust Suppression Equipment, Fog Cannon Machine

Air Misting machine, Fog Cannon, Anti smog gun manufacturer

Air Misting machine, Anti smog gun manufacturers, Dust Suppression machines, Fog Cannon Equipment, pollution control equipment in India


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