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1 year ago

Template Method Design Pattern Java Example

Mahipal Nehra · Template method design pattern is a behavioural design pattern that is concerned with algorithms and the assignment of responsibilities between objects, as do all patterns that fall in this category. The speciality of behavioural design patterns is that they not only describe pat ...

1 year ago

What is AWS S3 and Why to use it?

Mahipal Nehra · AWS S3 is an object-based serverless storage service by Amazon web services which is much faster than hard drive file systems and block storage approaches to save data. Serverless means the storage is hosted on the cloud where you don’t have to configure the server with storage s ...

2 years ago


Debasish Majumder · I am crying, I am frying · My body is smeared with blood · My eyes are filled with tears · My hands are numb, engulfed with fear · My emotions are being encapsulated and I am desperately trying · To put a musk on my face to appease other with outlandish mechanism · I am pre ...

2 years ago

Which Country Has The Best Mobile App Developers

Hemendra Singh · When it comes to Olympics, which country would win? · Most people would just make an assumption that the United States would be the winner. After all, it is from American that we got Bill Gates, Ken Thompson, and others. These people are the luminaries when it comes to programmin ...

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