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2 days ago

The Future of Grocery Retail

Shagufta Siddique · For the a large span of time, Grocery e-commerce was estimated a laggard with only 3–4% penetration in comparison to that of fashion and electronics with more than 20%. And for a notable reasons — low margin, highly perishable, variable quality, and high last-mile cost as a % of ...

2 months ago

Capitalizing on the Future of Online Grocery Shopping

Shagufta Siddique · The above quote has always been relevant in the world that experience innovations, inventions, transformations every now and then. The globe is transcending into an era where both people and businesses are evolving to re-invent existence. The COVID-19 pandemic has almost rocked t ...

2 months ago

10 ways by which Food delivery companies make money 2021

Shibi Arnavam · image · by Google · As you know, most of the delivery-based firms are flourishes in the current regular times. Every consumer makes online orders and wants the order to be delivered to his home so they stay safe indoor. Even though these delivery-based businesses are in demand f ...

6 months ago

Post from Saurabh Thakur

Saurabh Thakur · Looking to build a website like Amazon? · Click here to know how to build an eCommerce marketplace for Future · How to Build an eCommerce Marketplace for Future · A trend that is likely to continue in the immediate future as well. eCommerce marketplaces have been the savior durin ...

8 months ago

5 Examples of Augmented Reality Online Shopping

Maulik Shah · Many people tend to look for products online before final purchase. It’s even proved by a research that 8 out of 10 searches for information on products and services online, and around 70% buy it online. And yet, the uncertainty of online purchases remains the same. Shoppers ain’ ...

2 years ago

Amazon Couple are Too Good

Debesh Choudhury · Almost every Internet user knows Amazon · But many of us didn't know who really made it? MacKenzie Bezos née Tuttle and Jeff Bezos together made Amazon. MacKenzie earned a BA degree in English from Princeton University with highest honors in 1992. She studied under writer Toni M ...

3 years ago

Developing an E-commerce mobile app? Here is the budget you should consider

Hemendra Singh · E-commerce is one of the largest growing sectors. Investing in this sector is really a good idea. Since most of the people spent their leisure time with apps, you can promote your business by developing an E-Commerce app.  · The cost of app development depends on many factors. By ...

3 years ago

How to Develop an Ecommerce Website?

Nandini Ramachandran · Nowadays most of the people want to start up their own online business, since eCommerce websites makes a successful eCommerce business. · Many people might be aware of creating an Ecommerce website. But, some people may not know about how to develop an Ecommerce websites; this a ...

4 years ago

Online Promotions Becoming an Integral Part of Marketing Strategy

Ravi Ranjan · We are in 21st century where digitization reigns supreme! Today, the marketing strategy of any competent brand having ambitious plans to capture the market is incomplete without an internet marketing plan, also known as online promotion activities. Internet offers speed and unlim ...

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