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2 months ago

Domestic Money Transfer API Provider – check out some important facts

Roundpay . · Domestic money transfer API is the best way to gain revenues for website owners and this is the reason that the number of Domestic Money Transfer API Providers has immensely increased over the years. Through domestic money transfer API, it is easy to transfer cash with a high suc ...

4 months ago

Huge Growth Expected in Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Market in Future

Pramod Kumar · According to the World Health Organization (WHO), ‘active pharmaceutical ingredient (API)’ refers to any substance or a blend of substances that is used in finished pharmaceutical products. These substances intend to furnish pharmacological activity in products used to diagnose, ...

7 months ago

What Are APIs, Web Services and Microservices?

Mahipal Nehra · Developers have been using three major building blocks for the development of web apps, namely, APIs, Web Services, and Microservices. Some people are still unaware of the basic concept, usability and working of three different concepts. So today’s article is entirely dedicated t ...

7 months ago

Microservices VS API

Mahipal Nehra · Microservices vs Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Both have a distinct role in software development. However, having the overlap between the two, it becomes confusing to understand how they really differ. So, today’s article will guide you through the concept of APIs an ...

1 year ago

8 Things You Should Learn Before Getting Hired as Web Developer

Sanjay Kumar · Every beginner has to start from somewhere and to cover this beautiful journey learning of front-end, as well as the back-end part, is very important. When we talk about the first project that you accomplish after so many hardships and struggle is definitely very exciting and rew ...

1 year ago

What is API Testing, Types & Benefits?

Mahipal Nehra · API Testing is basic for the product frameworks to perform at best quality. Here you will of API Testing, its sorts, the testing approach, best practices and device utilized for this testing. · What is an API?  · API empowers correspondence and information trade between two separ ...

1 year ago

The Java Developer RoadMap 2020

Mahipal Nehra · The 2020 Java Developer Roadmap is comprised of long stretches of understanding and furthermore a portion of the unhampered ways about how you ought to turn into the Java master. This guide will absolutely assist you in answering different such consuming inquiries, for example, t ...

1 year ago

Why Java is Best Programming Language to Learn in 2020

Mahipal Nehra · Java is a universally useful, object-situated programming language that was planned by James Gosling at Sun Microsystems in 1991. The gathering of the Java applications results in the bytecode that can be run on any stage utilizing the Java Virtual Machine. · Java has accomplishe ...

2 years ago

What are APIs? Types of APIs

Mahipal Nehra · APIs have been revolutionizing the world since the birth of first-generation computers but they were not coded in high-level languages as they are being done today. The APIs are core concepts of programming which every programmer has to learn for achieving working levels of profi ...

2 years ago

What is an API and How it works?

Mahipal Nehra · Without APIs, the advanced encounters that we expect each day as consumers wouldn't be conceivable. They're doing everything from driving data-rich promoting efforts and interfacing versatile applications to streamlining inner activities. · What is an API and How it works? · Prog ...

2 years ago

Guidelines to Develop a Mobile App for Fantasy Sports Business

Hemendra Singh · Are you into the fantasy sports business? Are you starting a fantasy app development? · Do you love to have some tips as a fantasy sports app developer? · On average, a user spends 42 minutes a day on a fantasy sports app worldwide. In the 21st century, fantasy sports is coming o ...

3 years ago

How to track order status and shipment in Magento 2

Nandini Ramachandran · When customers place orders at your store and are waiting for the shipping process to acquire the products, sometimes, they will be very anxious about the shipment status. Our Magento 2 Track orders extension will help your clientele to verify and track details of shipment & paym ...

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