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4 months ago
IMCS Group I

IT recruitment: 8 creative strategies that work

IMCS Group · IT recruitment: 8 creative strategies that work · The recruitment landscape has witnessed a huge change over the last two decades. Advanced digital disruption, new skills, and constantly changing workforce dynamics have now compelled organizations to revamp their recruitment stra ...

5 months ago

Top Mobile App Development Company in Ghaziabad method & Services

Vyosys Technologies · In today’s digitalized world, Mobile App Development is one in all the first digital selling services. Business individuals will rework their conceptions into mobile applications. Within the technology business, mobile app development has become one of the foremost innovative ven ...

5 months ago

Post from the prime talks

the prime talks · Apple Podcasts Subscriptions and channels are now available globally · Apple announced Apple Podcasts Subscriptions and Channels are now available globally Starting today and listeners in more than 170 countries · https://www.theprimetalks.com/apple-podcasts-subscriptions/

1 year ago

Top 5 Productivity Tools for Remote Workers in 2020

Mahipal Nehra · Right from conglomerates such as Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter and Amazon to startups, all companies have been forced to drastically change their working practices; thereby extending the work from home for their employees. The move to let employees work from home is aimed at s ...

1 year ago

Top 8 technology trends in 2020

Mahipal Nehra · We have seen an upsurge of technological tools used in the past decade. Smart Phones have taken over the world and with that, the use of the internet has become an integral part of people’s lives. What we have come across in the past decade was shaped by the efforts of tech compa ...

2 years ago

Benefits of Mobile App Development

Pankaj Singh · Mobile application development has risen steeply in the last few years and still rising due to the existence of smartphones and tablets. The bang of mobile technology in the market is constantly increasing the demand for multi-functional and vigorous mobile apps. As consumers acc ...

2 years ago

How App Subscription Business Model helps to maintain apps sustainability

Hemendra Singh · The app stores on Android and iOS are both crammed with millions of apps, and more are being released each year. There is a huge competition and Apple and Google benefit because the more apps there are, the more revenues they would collect. However, an app development company in ...

3 years ago

Quick Tips For Optimize Your ios App Development

Nandini Ramachandran · Here are some useful tips for optimizing your iOS application development: · Maintain the UI easy: · The popularity of your mobile app hinges on the time saving it achieves for users. The app may have a highly sophisticated backend, with complex logic, integrations, and matrixes ...

3 years ago

Technology Using for iOS app development

Nandini Ramachandran · The mobile platforms are rapidly replacing desktop computers. They will gain significant market share in the years to come. It shouldn’t be surprising that traditional app development companies have to evolve. They have to requalify for the development of apps. They need to do it ...

3 years ago

Do you know what makes a mobile app successful?

Hemendra Singh · Smartphones were first introduced in the year 2007. It was the time when Apple launched the first iPhone. In the year 2008, Android was launched. The reason behind the popularity of smartphones is the smart features and smart apps. Mobile apps play a vital role in the increasing ...

3 years ago

Top mobile app Startup ideas over Android and iOS App Development

Nandini Ramachandran · A startup is launched with great ideas that make things easier than ever before. Most of the startup company starts with the product of high quality which would reach the market as well as the people in way that they becomes most popular startups in short span of time. · There ha ...

3 years ago

Major challenges of iOS app development in 2018

Nandini Ramachandran · A main section of the business thinks that adding an iOS app development on the App Store raises the status of the brand. Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, Mac are measured as imperial but more than this, the one that is crossing the edges, is the Apple App Store. · In 2017, th ...

3 years ago

7 Reason to Choose iOS app development For Your Startup

Nandini Ramachandran · The debate “android vs iOS” has been existing in the market for several years. Both the platforms offer multiple benefits to businesses. However, when it comes to the comparison of both of these platforms, it becomes quite difficult for the businesses to choose the best one. Thou ...

3 years ago

What’s changes in iOS 12 and macOS Mojave in Home App

Hemendra Singh · The macOS Mojave will come with various new features. Apple will introduce the Home App on iOS 12 and macOS Mojave. This Home App will increase the users' experience. · Apart from the Home App, Apple also has introduced many new features to the macOS Mojave. Such features include ...

4 years ago

Biometric Security, iPhone X and the Privacy Concern

Debesh Choudhury · Smartphone savvy people are very excited about Apple's new avatar iPhone X. The Face ID with 3D face sensing and authentication technology of iPhone X makes it very attractive and unique in the market. It can unlock the phone with 3D face recognition. It doesn't (and can't) unlo ...

4 years ago

What Creates a Good Design?

Yedu 🐝 Panicker · What pulls you to a brand? Take the brand Apple, for instance. Individuals from everywhere throughout the world are allured and become tied up with this brand. · How does Apple control the gadget-tech world? My short answer - Good Design. All things considered, most designers ha ...

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