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8 months ago

Post from Shawez Shaikh

Shawez Shaikh · A Guide to Build Website for Medical Practice- Features, Cost and Tech · Want to learn how to make a medical website for independent working doctors, nurses, health professionals, and even hospitals? Then, Read our new blog here. · https://www.mavencluster.com/blog/guide-to-build ...

2 years ago

Customer Support: Backbone of a Successful eCommerce Store

Mehul Kumar · Customer Support: Backbone of a Successful eCommerce Store · Would you purchase a pair of sneakers from the same online store, when the first time they messed up with your order? And later they even failed to replace the pair for you. The answer would be a big fat NO! · When it c ...

2 years ago

Build A Textbook Rental Website Around These Features and Business Model

Ramesh Lal · According to US News, the average US student spends roughly $1,200 every year on textbooks and supplies alone. Nevertheless, there are a few online textbook rental platforms like Chegg, BookRenter, Textbook.com, and eCampus that help students save up to 90% of that money. · Onli ...

2 years ago

How Much Does It Cost To Build An App Like Instagram For IOS Platform?

Hemendra Singh · Amongst different success stories regarding apps and websites, one of the main names would be Instagram. The app has quickly become one of the leading names in the social media fronts. · There is a pretty big progression in this particular video and photo sharing platform. So, it ...

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