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21 hours ago

Where is the biggest Crypto market?

Nisha Desai · USA is known as the biggest crypto market.  It is predicted that in 2021, it was 1.6 billion USD and in 2026 it will be 2.2 billion, at the CAGR of 7.1%.  ·   · Major reasons for the growth of crypto market: ·  Distribute ledger technology and growth in venture capital is the maj ...

3 months ago

Post from Machine Maker

Machine Maker · Sports Shoe Manufacturing: Golden Opportunities for “Atmanirbhar Bharat” · India is the second-largest footwear manufacturer in the world and accounts for 10% of the global footwear manufacturing, next to China, which leads with 53 % in the global footwear market. At this time, w ...

4 months ago

What is Biggest Trend Currently Witnessed in Cell Isolation Market?

Pramod Kumar · Due to the rising requirement for biopharmaceuticals, the surging investments being made by various governments on cell-based research, and the increasing research activities being conducted on personalized medicine, the global cell isolation market will register huge expansion i ...

6 months ago

Post from Think ESG

Think ESG · China gets its first carbon-neutral gas station · It is estimated that the annual power generation of the Project is 127,000 to 147,000 kWh, which can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 91.2 to 105.6 tons. · https://www.thinkesg.in/china-gets-its-first-carbon-neutral-gas-station/

1 year ago

The Big Shift In Blockchain Technology And Its Consequences

Mahipal Nehra · After a successful year of Blockchain campaign in 2019, what more should we expect from Blockchain and Crypto assets? A lot more! and already, we've begun to see the enormous transformation in all sectors such as Banking, Real estate, Health care, Networking, business and even co ...

1 year ago

Patient Handling Equipment Market Opportunity Assessment Study

Pramod Kumar · A report by the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs said that the global population of people in the 60 and above age group is rising rapidly. By the end of 2050, the global share of this age group is expected to grow to 21.1% from 11.7% in 2013. Additionally ...

2 years ago

Which Country Has The Best Mobile App Developers

Hemendra Singh · When it comes to Olympics, which country would win? · Most people would just make an assumption that the United States would be the winner. After all, it is from American that we got Bill Gates, Ken Thompson, and others. These people are the luminaries when it comes to programmin ...

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