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6 months ago

Top Online Business Ideas to Kick-Start in COVID-19 Era

Akhileshwar Pathania · COVID – 19 has affected all businesses all over the world. Some people lost their jobs and some industries are faced downtime and they will take time to recover. But some businesses experience a boom during COVID-19 and growing day by day. · In this article, I will share some bus ...

11 months ago

Food Packaging Saviour from Perils of Pandemic

Uday Patel · Yes in the circumstances the World is in due to pandemic all aspects of lifestyle including consuming food has to be scrutinized. Food and its consumption has become particularly important because Covid- 9. This virus is communicated through many carriers and edibles in raw or co ...

1 year ago

Living in Covid 19 Era

Uday Patel · Lifestyle change is an evolutionary phenomena and impact deepens due to trials and tribulations of a raging pandemic. Though the changes may not be dramatic but they can have a mass occurrence all over the globe. In present times, the Covid 19 or coronavirus phenomena is a widesp ...

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