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Debasish Majumder · Woods are lovely dark and deep · But I have many promises to keep · Light is still enabling me to enjoy the ephemeral beauty in glimpse · I wonder what will eventually emerge in flip! · I cannot ignore I am too in motion · Though it appears in straight line in respect to the avai ...

2 years ago


Debasish Majumder · I don't know after my death · where I will go? Is there any comfortable stretch? · In this mundane world · I faced huge turbulence and obviously it perturbed · I only crave · After death I may get reprieve · I cannot rule out I have faced plenty of nuisance · Can I have absolute ...

4 years ago


Debasish Majumder · Seed, I wonder · What you breed? · How you breed! · You appear in nature in a singular form · But, moment we sow · In the soil, you start to grow · You express your grandeur · In a form of root · You explore your potential · Facing immense turmoil · But keeping your for ...

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    Customer Experience Manager

    Found in: Recruit.net IN Premium - 1 day ago

    Spectral Consultants Gurgaon

    Diversity Hiring ( Female candidates Only) · Understand the current process, do gap analysis and suggest for process improvements. · Take ASM/RMs dealers visit report as reference and identify areas of improvement related to Customer Experience / SOPs and follow up with ASM/RMs f ...

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    Orcapod Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd. Bengaluru

    IT Service Portfolio Manager · Roles and Responsibilities · IT Service Portfolio Manager · Do you have an eye for detail and flair for Process Management and exposure to the IT domain Do you like working with people associated with an organization that enables flow of IT knowledg ...


    Sales Executive

    Found in: Recruit.net IN Premium - 18 hours ago


    Consults with customers to understand their needs and preferences related to merchandise. · Demonstrates and explains merchandise, selecting and suggesting options suitable for the customers needs. · Answers customers questions about merchandise. · Assists customers with purchase ...

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