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4 years ago

Taking Forward Sustainable Geo solutions To More and More Areas;Would You Be Interested ?

Prakashan B.V · Geo-systems are used for various applications in civil,environmental and other engineering applications.Geo-systems facilitates sustainable #construction by reducing the use of natural materials like aggregates, sands and rocks etc. · For instance the thickness of the aggregate l ...

5 years ago

Beyond The Call Of Duty And More!

Prakashan B.V · (Please also read the note at the end as well for the background of this article!) · # My sister* is a talented personality who is adept in running home with great care. But beyond that she is much more passionate about her job than anyone else. In those days we lived in the vill ...

5 years ago

Is It Possible To Enjoy! Challenges At Work Like The Game You Love To Play?

Prakashan B.V · When I started working over 27+ years back, it was the entry level challenges that I faced like · anyone · else would have.But · what is important · here is the fact that, "the" basic · challenges for a beginner then and even now remains more or less the same, · except · that the ...

6 years ago

Would you like to share your story of a change in life that came unexpectedly?

Prakashan B.V · While in the sickbed in the year 2012 recuperating from a deadly dengue(I had a close shave), I took a quick decision in a very strange (**and complex) circumstances! to become a consultant by starting on my own in my areas of operation. · Looking back it was not just an emotiona ...

6 years ago

Do something different ; Silently?(GOING SILENT WHEN IT IS MORE APPROPRIATE)

Prakashan B.V · We all like to safeguard our life (both professional as well as personal) from all kinds of unwanted problems. · We plan well and take enough precautions such that we don't get into trouble and want to make sure that we take a safe route in all that we do.We do all this and even ...

6 years ago

What if you are not able to get the funding to take your #startup forward?

Prakashan B.V · All business entities goes through a period of cash-burning while struggling to establish. · It could even take several months(or longer) to achieve break-even for many such startups. · While keeping in mind these unpredictable factors, optimistic thinking for a good startup idea ...

6 years ago

Would You Like To Relocate?

Prakashan B.V · When you are brave enough to say "Good Bye" Life will reward you with a new "Hello"..Paulo CoelhoWhen I started working, I was relatively closer to my home base and my near and dear ones. As the urge to "move up the ladder" caught up,so was the distance. · Somewhere in this "jour ...

6 years ago

What Would You Like To Tell Them ?

Prakashan B.V · What Would You Like To Tell The Cabinet Members Of A School Just Coming Out Of The Investiture Ceremony ? · # {24/07/17:Note: Last week I attended the investiture ceremony at JHS where my son studies, As he received the Head Boy badge from Mr.Ashish Kumar Bhallal these are some o ...

6 years ago

#The Secret daily teachings

Prakashan B.V ·   · "The secret daily teachings" is a wonderful book written by Rhonda Byrne. Been reading it and found it quite interesting. · Sharing with you all one quote from this book and a story to go with the quote! which is worth reading. · "You are in the perfect place on your perfect ...

6 years ago

How To Take Your Business To The Next Level ? #Wehelpu2grow

Prakashan B.V · I am sure you would have heard this innumerable number of times, that "A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all".So let us look at the critical factors where there are likelihood that mistakes could occur and discuss how to prevent such mistakes to focus on our o ...

7 years ago

Under Pressure? Don't Worry..Stay The P-P-C* Way

Prakashan B.V · Got a tough task to be completed and under pressure to succeed? Preparing for a crucial exam and fear of failure haunts you?  · Working on something that calls for channelizing all your energies so much so that you feel drained out? · Your boss has given you a mammoth task and th ...

7 years ago

Flexible working hours, Working from home, Harnessing the cutting edge technology for Telecommuting & what are the other options?

Prakashan B.V · This post is a dedication to all women and of course this is also a dedication to the spirit of all such great men who gives those multitasking women a helping hand whenever needed. · When it comes to challenging situations,women are able to use their inner strength effectively ...

7 years ago

Press that Restart button;Then Start going about your life as usual!

Prakashan B.V · Can the human mind be tuned in such a manner so that we are able to take out those painful and miserable feelings?... And dump all those into an imaginary area in our mind ?(Somewhere on the back of the mind which is not an active area!) Can we all get freedom from unwanted painf ...

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