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2 years ago

5 Reasons Why All Teams Must Use Work Management Tool?

Ravi Ranjan · Are you relying on a pen and paper to collaborate with your team for years? Writing down things to get done? Finally, you have got a way to sync up your task list and you could actually be more productive with your team with the software available! The Work Management tool! · Wha ...

4 years ago

Personality development tips for management students

Ravi Ranjan · “Personality is not an art; it is a skill so we can all develop it.  A good personality has the power to open doors." · You might have a deep understanding and good knowledge of your management course. But having an unattractive personality can lead you to fail in your career. Ma ...

4 years ago

Impact of smartphones on social media popularity

Ravi Ranjan · Social media channels like facebook, instagram, twitter, whatsapp, hike messanger and not to be forgotten orkut and other social media platforms have not only heralded a new e- revolution but have made a striking appeal to the people world over. With a single click of mouse one i ...

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