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4 months ago

Post from Mariya S

Mariya S · The Panasonic Toughbook, unlike the Panasonic #Lumix FT3, is not #waterproof. On the other hand, there are no fancy #features like a #fingerprint reader, #camera, or #keyboard #lighting. These characteristics, however, are not required for industrial use.

4 months ago

Post from Mariya S

Mariya S · The #Getac #B300 price won’t blow you away with speed, but it’s as #rough and tough as they come and offers the #features field #workers are looking for, including an excellent daylight readable #touchscreen and a built in #GPS radio. You will have to dig deep to afford its $5,53 ...

6 months ago

Post from Shawez Shaikh

Shawez Shaikh · How to Make an On-Demand Medicine Delivery App like 1mg?- · Build Pharmacy App Like 1mg (Cost + Features + Development +Clone) · Want to build your own pharmacy app like 1mg? Then, learn here how to make an On-Demand Medicine Delivery App, its process, features, technical stack ...

6 months ago

Post from Anderson James

Anderson James · Six Techie-Features of SpotnRides Limo Dispatch Software Foster's your own Limo Service Business to deliver luxury services - SpotnRides · Are you interested to start a limo taxi business? See how techie features of SpotnRides limo dispatch software aid your limo service startup. ...

7 months ago

The Development Cost and Features of Cannabis Delivery App

Mahipal Nehra · Over half of the US country has legalized Cannabis for medical purposes that have led to the soaring growth of its industry. With the innovations in technologies and the relaxation in regulations, the sales of marijuana or cannabis are turned into the fastest-growing business, es ...

1 year ago

Top 6 Best Video on Demand Platform Provider

Nandini Ramachandran · The arising need of video platforms has shown that enterprises are now eager to host their business online. There are lot of platforms available in the market, some are free but share the revenue and some are paid with some additional useful features and also do not share the rev ...

2 years ago

Build A Textbook Rental Website Around These Features and Business Model

Ramesh Lal · According to US News, the average US student spends roughly $1,200 every year on textbooks and supplies alone. Nevertheless, there are a few online textbook rental platforms like Chegg, BookRenter, Textbook.com, and eCampus that help students save up to 90% of that money. · Onli ...

2 years ago

Know All About Real Estate App Development Cost And Features

Hemendra Singh · Accommodation is a basic necessity these days. Hence, real estate apps are starting to experience growth like never before. · In spite of traditional methods being present for accommodation options, modern real estate options take the lead. Still, most people would prefer going t ...

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