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1 week ago

7 Trends Startups and SMEs Need to Know About in 2023 - FinAccountants | Startup India

Sandhya Dhomeja · Startups and SMEs can't secure sustainability without looking at their industry-related trends. We have compiled 7 trends for them to watch out for in 2023! · Learn More:  · 7 Trends Startups SMEs Need to Know About in 2023 - FinAccountants | Startup India · Startups and SMEs can ...

3 weeks ago

Major Applications of Steel Wire

samiksha patel · The applications of 904l wires range far and wide. It is used in most industries because having a rope that’s more durable than normal fibrous ropes is an incredible advantage. It becomes the better option in terms of safety, longevity, and of course, versatility. And as you can ...

1 month ago

How is Digitalization making EV industry smarter and efficient?

Murtza Abbas · Digitalization can boost the Electric Vehicle industry delivering efficiency & intelligence to it. Here is how digitalization helps the EV industry in detail · #EVindustry #Digitalization #ElectricVehicle

8 months ago

5 Reasons to start an OTT business

Praveen E · Revenue in the OTT industry is expected to reach US $200 Billion in 2022. If you are a #video #content creator, this is the best time to start an #OTT platform. Here is the blog that lists 5 reasons to start an OTT #business: · 5 Reasons to Start an OTT Business All Perfect Stor ...

1 year ago

Post from Vipin Kumar

Vipin Kumar · How Does The Tron Ethereum Smart Contract Help To Take The Business To The Next Level? · Make the most of the Tron Ethereum Smart Contract and take your #business to the forefront of its industry. Achieve this feat with the #experts of #Technoloader. · #tronsmartcontract #ethereu ...

1 year ago

Successful Role of Big Data Analytics to Drive Industry 4.0

Rishi Nayak · Successful Role of Big Data Analytics to Drive Industry 4.0 · Introduction · The I4.0 has enhanced the industries with smart · autonomous systems. These systems are essentially driven by a combination of data, AI, machine learning, analytics, and competitive technologies and of c ...

1 year ago

Post from Ramesh Lal

Ramesh Lal · Best Mobile App Development Companies 2021 · If you are looking for the best mobile app development company, here are the leaders in this industry operating globally. Choose from the list to create a quality mobile app. · https://www.fatbit.com/fab/list-best-mobile-app-developmen ...

2 years ago

Industry 4.0 Technology Trends and Enablers

Mahipal Nehra · We are living in a world that is on the verge of Industry 4.0 or the fourth industrial revolution. A few years later, cars, computers, refrigerators, and even our home will be combined into one network which in turn will make our lives easier. · Industry 4.0 is about to bring a c ...

2 years ago

Making of Responsible Wildlife Resort

Uday Patel · The climate challenge that is constantly unfolding and the global warming that we are witnessing all business will have to be responsible including the hotel Industry. · Responsible Tourism has come of age with the negative impact like global warming that our society is experienc ...

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