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1 month ago

Tiger Family Videos from Kanha National Park in India

Uday Patel · Tiger one of the most charismatic animal is the most photographed and filmed animal in the World. Here are a set of videos I made on the tiger while working as a naturalist at Kanha National Park in Central India. ·  The tiger road walk is an interesting sight. We encountered the ...

1 year ago

A Wild Holiday Experience in Tiger Land

Uday Patel · The raucous alarm cries continued unabated and we waited patiently hoping a big cat would show up. Well nothing emerged but we continued to wait in expectation. We were at Kanha National Park in Central India on wildlife safari. After a long deliberation we had chosen this destin ...

1 year ago

Making of Responsible Wildlife Resort

Uday Patel · The climate challenge that is constantly unfolding and the global warming that we are witnessing all business will have to be responsible including the hotel Industry. · Responsible Tourism has come of age with the negative impact like global warming that our society is experienc ...

2 years ago

A Home in The Wilds

Uday Patel · Kanha National Park is a home in the wilds. It is a home for fantastic charismatic wild animals, reptiles, butterflies and birds. It is situated in Central India or the State of Madhya Pradesh.  · Kanha is a National Park and a Tiger Reserve being a protected area the space is re ...

2 years ago

Searching For Tigers at Kanha National Park in India

Uday Patel · The search begins as soon as you reach the woods that are part of the buffer at Kanha. The area which includes buffer and core is almost 2000 sq.km and tigers roam free here leaving the urban proximities. But the focus of all the tourists is in the core zone or the critcal tiger ...

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