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5 months ago
Yashvi Joshi Y

A Next-generation Alert Operations Platform

Yashvi Joshi · AlertFusion: A Next-gen Alert Operations Platform ·   · The industry’s first and unique centralized alert operations management solution to enhance SOC operational efficiency · AlertFusion complements existing technology landscapes and offers enterprises centralized security aler ...

4 years ago

WHAT NEXT? - by Devesh Bhatt

Devesh 🐝 Bhatt · Follow me, · Till i let you down. · Then lead the way, · Till you lose ground. · Then another would come, · To steal your crown. · The sheep applaud, · A new leader is found. · Picture me, · As a wishful past. · Tow the line, · Till you are outcast. · For another to rise, · And h ...

4 years ago

The Next Big Thing In Construction ?

Prakashan B.V · First of all let me Wish you all "Merry Christmas" and "A Very Happy New Year" in advance. · Construction companies need to utilize cutting edge technology with courage and conviction to break out of the conventional trap. Traditionally, construction industry is an isolated segme ...

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