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4 months ago
Yashvi Joshi Y

Managed security services

Yashvi Joshi · In information technology, (MSSP) are network protection services that are outsourced to an external service provider. According to research, most companies (74%) outsource IT security to an outside service firm, but only 82% of IT experts said that they have either already signe ...

5 months ago
Big Little Place B

Corona Virus Diagram | Corona Virus Infographic Slides

Big Little Place · If your organization needs a presentation or infographic of corona virus there are multiple charts and graphs that will make your data pop off of the page.There are also multiple slides that you can use to provide detailed information.

5 months ago

How does an HRMS software assist in effectively measuring employee satisfaction?

Amit Kumar · There are hundreds of blogs that explain how to attain employee satisfaction. How web based applications are equipped with features to incline employee engagement and increase employee satisfaction.  To attain a clear insight into employee satisfaction.  · Let’s begin with unders ...

1 year ago

Why Productivity Matters as an Attitude

Shilpa Revankar · The word “productivity” carries incredible mileage in today’s world. · But one should understand it deeper—before using its various connotations and inferences. It is both deeper and broader than its general perception. It is, however, also important to realize and grasp its ove ...

1 year ago

How SEO Services can Provide Benefit to Your Organization

Pankaj Singh · With the increase in the usage of internet, many people have started resorting to the World Wide Web for searching information about the products and services. It is the normal tendency of the visitor to click at the site that appears at the top listings among the SERPs and negle ...

2 years ago

Wonders that a Good Website Design does for Your Organization

Pankaj Singh · Good website design is the pathway to the success of your online business. It not only epitomizes the products and services sold by the company but also helps to build confidence and trust in the minds of the end-users towards the organization. Good website that is professionally ...

5 years ago

Your worst customer experience and the lessons learnt in the process?

Prakashan B.V ·   · Recently I had a bitter customer experience. While that left me with a heavy heart the same also made me into thinking . · What could be done by organizations to prevent this?Don't start defending/deflecting spontaneously when customers start complaining like a reflex action. ...

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