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1 month ago

3 Revit tasks to Automate using Dynamo

Hiral Patel · Validating design uniformity through Dynamo improves design performance and model quality. Visual programming through customized nodes can help automation experts build quick prototypes through simplified workflows. High-performance architecture and engineering are driven by auto ...

1 month ago

Importance of MEP Shop Drawings in Fabrication and Installation

Hiral Patel · Shop drawings contain detailed information about how components need to be assembled in terms of their weight, connections, joints, or dimensions. Contractors and fabricators can gain better clarity and always refer to MEP shop drawings in case they need to detect an error. With ...

2 months ago

Post from Hiral Patel

Hiral Patel · Architects and architectural firms are challenged by complex design accuracy and stringent deadlines. Deploying the right set of modeling tools can help architects leverage greater design function, generative design, etc. that leads to lower rework. Revit extends the power of BIM ...

3 months ago

Post from Hiral Patel

Hiral Patel · Using Dynamo with Revit provides architects, designers, engineers as well as other stakeholders multiple benefits with seamless enhancement possibilities. By creating a common framework of separate elements – BIM models and visual programming – Dynamo virtually creates an integra ...

4 months ago

Post from Hiral Patel

Hiral Patel · Revit automation done through Custom Plug-Ins or Dynamo empowers architects and design engineers to achieve true generative designs. By allowing Revit to be more accessible and customized, time-consuming tasks can be automated to build efficient workflows, validate the design, bu ...

6 months ago

Conserving The Creativity Of Architectural Design With 3D BIM Modeling

Hiral Patel · Conserving and improving the creativity of architectural design was an essential element for a public park project In California, USA. It started with a construction firm in California, USA, outsourcing its requirements to Hitech CADD Services for generating BIM models for archit ...

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