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1 day ago

How CAD millwork drawings play an important role in making a restaurant?

Hiral Patel · Millwork helps you refresh your hotel or restaurant interior without actually changing your architecture. Learn how CAD extends the capabilities of conventional millwork drawings for better results. · Article: · How CAD millwork drawings play an important role in making a restau ...

3 weeks ago


Debasish Majumder · We human are the only supreme social being · We construe a society of our own out of our designed cerebral mechanism · We can only think and take measures to change our vicinity · To make it amenable only to express our valor with a distinct entity! · We do fight against nature w ...

4 months ago

Successful Role of Big Data Analytics to Drive Industry 4.0

Rishi Nayak · Successful Role of Big Data Analytics to Drive Industry 4.0 · Introduction · The I4.0 has enhanced the industries with smart · autonomous systems. These systems are essentially driven by a combination of data, AI, machine learning, analytics, and competitive technologies and of c ...

4 months ago

Post from usha fasteners

usha fasteners · No doubt, machine plays an important role in one’s life whether it belongs to daily used appliance or occasionally used accessory. But, two ridges of the machines are spanned through fastener. It is not a used for the permanent joints. It is the short terms we can it is one of th ...

5 months ago

Post from Nikunj Varma

Nikunj Varma · Role Of Isophthalic Resin In Today’s Industry · The isophthalic resin has several merits over the orthophthalic resins. Isophthalic resin manufacturers provide resins that are unquestionably ideal for other polyester resins concerning … · https://hasonchemical.wordpress.com/2021/ ...

5 months ago

Post from sawanepoe shah

sawanepoe shah · 5 #WaystoGet the #BestInterestRate on Your #PersonalLoan · 5 Ways to Get the Best Interest Rate on Your Personal Loan · Personal loans play a key role in helping millions fulfil their aspirations. These are the most sought-after financing options as they can be easily obtained du ...

7 months ago

Is Java Good For Big Data Development?

Ethan Millar · Java is considered to be a user-friendly language. When it comes to dealing with the data of the customers, it has proven to be of tremendous help. Businesses love to use data from java as it makes them feel relaxed because of the security services. · The firewall system that ja ...

3 years ago


Debasish Majumder · I love to write · As I have extreme appetite · I adore all · Who are in and around in manifold · Express their drudgery and misery which are untold · I wonder who I am to express sympathy · Are they dwelling out of my mercy? · Rather they dwell by extending their clemency ...

4 years ago


Debasish Majumder · Who are leaders? · Who leads from the front? · I wonder what capacity they hold · For which we appreciate them and behold? · They only obsessed for their goals · They are only focused for their aspirations and incentives for them to uphold · Are they true leaders? · Who on ...

4 years ago

Role of Data Entry Service in Architecture and Construction Industry

Meera 🐝 Nair · Data is an integral concept of every small and large scale industries. Today, most of the entrepreneurs are in a situation wherein their firms need to produce the data in bulk on a daily basis. The value or the recognition earned by a firm is based on its capability to mine the d ...

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