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7 months ago

Post from Think ESG

Think ESG · Washington state changes climate legislation into law · Integrated with a transportation funding package, the Climate Commitment Act will be the state's largest investment in climate protection, while also generating billions of dollars of investments towards the transition ...

1 year ago


Debasish Majumder · When I went to a shop to buy a cigar · I gave the shopkeeper the price to satiate my desire · All of a sudden the event of exchange · Made a huge impact to my cerebral like an avalanche · What exactly I am paying? · The medium of exchange a coin I am giving · In return what I am ...

2 years ago

A Home in The Wilds

Uday Patel · Kanha National Park is a home in the wilds. It is a home for fantastic charismatic wild animals, reptiles, butterflies and birds. It is situated in Central India or the State of Madhya Pradesh.  · Kanha is a National Park and a Tiger Reserve being a protected area the space is re ...

4 years ago


Debasish Majumder · Happiness human only aspire · What exactly it is? · Posing a recurrent nemesis · Without which we all are in despair · Causing a disdain in our atmosphere! · Happiness is an abstract protocol · We all spirally moving on · Do not know the limit · As the universe we dwell i ...

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