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4 months ago

Post from Mariya S

Mariya S · Getac #computers #notebooks and #tablets are portable partners. Your team works in high-stress situations. Equipment that is too heavy might cause unnecessary stress and impair situational #awareness. Getac computers notebooks and tablets are a #portable computer that works with ...

5 months ago
Alok Mishra A

Techniques to relieve stress from work & life

Alok Mishra · ACHNET pro tip: From small challenges to major crises, stress is part of life. And while you can't always control your circumstances, you can control how you respond to them. Everyone who has ever had a job has felt the pressure of work-related stress at some point. Any job can h ...

2 years ago

Time To Tackle Stress With P-P-C!

Prakashan B.V · How could we harness grit and resilience in challenging situations so that we are able to move forward positively in stressful circumstances?The answer to this very important question is coined in the powerful abbreviation that I have created for all of us and that is P*-P*-C* (a ...

2 years ago


Debasish Majumder · I am obsessed · I am equally distressed · My cerebral is spinning · I do not know whether half spin or full, still it is oscillating · Apparently none may able to fathom · What pain I am bearing within me at random! · Pain may yield gain · For whose favor, I am in disdain ...

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