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1 month ago

#Women's #Clothing #Online: #Buy Women's Clothing at #BestPrices only at #TataCLiQ

Aaliyah Asaayn · https://www.tatacliq.com/womens-clothing/c-msh10

3 months ago

Post from da Salon

da Salon · How to Find the Best Salon for a Women’s Haircut Near you? · Every woman’s dream is to look lovely and stunning at every function she attends. Beauty, like a garden, requires upkeep and care, which is best handled by an expert. Going to a hair salon ca… · https://officialdasalon. ...

6 months ago

Post from Hawk Info

Hawk Info ·   · What is Lakshmir Bhandar Scheme? · As promised, this time Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee took the initiative to implement the 'Lakshmir Bhandar Scheme' with the financial help of women from poor families. A few days ago, the state cabinet approved the 'Lakshmir Bhandar Scheme ...

3 years ago


Debasish Majumder · I know a lady with little ability · Having alacrity to undermine men’s competency · Grudge always she expose against men · As if men only responsible for all omen · Venom she indulged to spray · In an available social fabric only to cause dismay · Induce only to discriminat ...

3 years ago


Debasish Majumder · Mitochondria is the power house of a cell · But I wonder how the power house in grail · And eventually having the capacity to cause upheaval · Is it lying in the amniotic fluid? · Only enable us to receive external signals in avid · Perhaps our exquisite haven in our mother’ ...

3 years ago

Beyond The Call Of Duty And More!

Prakashan B.V · (Please also read the note at the end as well for the background of this article!) · # My sister* is a talented personality who is adept in running home with great care. But beyond that she is much more passionate about her job than anyone else. In those days we lived in the vill ...

3 years ago


Debasish Majumder · We celebrate for women’s day · I wonder, why not there is precise any day · Celebrated as men’s day? · Are women and men in any fray? · Are they any different species? · Both are part and parcel as one · Both needed to be complemented · To lead a life with élan. · In natu ...

4 years ago

Beyond The Call Of Duty And More!

Prakashan B.V · 07/06/2018 (Note: You may like to watch the video above before continuing to read!This article was published earlier titled as "7 management lessons I learnt from my elder sister*".Please read the note below for the background of this article!) · # My sister* is a talented person ...

5 years ago

Flexible working hours, Working from home, Harnessing the cutting edge technology for Telecommuting & what are the other options?

Prakashan B.V · This post is a dedication to all women and of course this is also a dedication to the spirit of all such great men who gives those multitasking women a helping hand whenever needed. · When it comes to challenging situations,women are able to use their inner strength effectively ...

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