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    Intemo Technologies Private Limited
    Intemo Technologies Private Limited Chennai, India

    3 weeks ago

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    Technology / Internet

    Who we are :

    We are Intemo, a cross-border logistics Tech platform. Our vision is to build a Tech platform that will enable end-to-end automation for the Agents / Forwarders who manage 98% of the cargo flow for the existing $700B Air & Ocean Cargo industry.

    The Role

    We are looking for a Sr. Engineer (Full Stack) who has the ability to architect and build robust & secure software platforms. If you believe you match the profile of our ideal candidate below please go ahead and apply on LinkedIn right away.

    Who you are :

    • Loves the idea of building from 0-1, working in small teams with a purpose, wearing multiple hats, and can push when needed to get the job done.
    • Able to contribute hands-on when necessary and also like to train and mentor team members.
    • Prioritises creating a solid design before diving into writing code.
    • Passionate about developing and mentoring the colleagues to help them reach their full potential.
    • Self-motivated and shows great passion for technology and the desire to push the boundaries for self & the organisation.

    What you've done :

    • Proven track record of releasing solid, robust, and well performing products showcasing the quality of code and codebase
    • Able to demonstrate your technical writing skills either through articles or contributing to open source projects.
    • Well-established network of tech advisors and also an active member of tech communities.
    • Show strong strategic skills and a keen ability to see into the future to predict market and technology trends, keeping Intemo at the forefront of the logistics industry.
    • Proven project management skills that showcase the ability to collaborate with cross-functional teams, estimate task efforts and manage timelines to ensure that projects and Software solutions are delivered on time and within budget.
    • Mentoring or leading teams of junior engineers and delivering end to end projects

    What you will bring :

    • Mastered Javascript, Spring Boot and one or more languages/frameworks.
    • Deep knowledge of the technical stack (Javascript, React, Spring Boot, NodeJS), development processes, and best practices..
    • Experience building using different stacks (web, desktop, iOS, android) and/or different hardware. Bonus if you have built SaaS products.
    • Good knowledge of web scraping tools like Puppeteer / Selenium.
    • Experience with devops / infrastructure management, deployment automation, and monitoring tools.
    • Experience as a proven Scrum Master / Agile Project Manager
    • Aware of the security risks and compliance requirements and ensure that the team follows best practices for data privacy and security.
    • Good understanding of AI or ML related technologies and keenness to learn and build products incorporating the same.

    Our stack

    • Frontend - Typescript, ReactJS
    • Backend - NodeJS, Spring Boot, Python, WebSockets
    • Testing and Monitoring - Postman, Datadog, Prometheus, Segment
    • Database - MongoDB, PostgreSQL
    • Infrastructure - Terraform, Github, Jira, AWS, Kubernetes, Serverless, CI/CD

    Experience :

    • Ideal candidate must have 6 - 8 years in software development (FE & BE), building software architecture, mentoring teams, managing projects.
    • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related field
    • Knowledge of modern web technologies and frameworks

    Work location:

    • Chennai (No remote option available). You need to be in the office on all 5 days/week.

    Few perks of working with Intemo :

    1. Being part of a young, high-energy, fun-loving and high performance team.

    2. Open work culture where anybody can approach anyone at any point of time. We have had no attrition till date.

    3. We take pride in continuously helping our employees grow professionally through various company initiatives.

    4. We are building the core team of Intemo. The hire will be exposed to all aspects of business and not restricted to just one function. The role has the potential to evolve into a tech-leadership position.

    5. We are looking for candidates with the right skills, attitude & desire to learn. Rest is secondary.