Lead Dotnet Developer - Bengaluru, India - Wenger & Watson Inc

    Default job background

    Hiring for Startup

    Job location - Bangalore (WFH for few months)

    Payroll - 3rd party (for 6 to 9 months)

    Work experience - 8+ Years

    C#, .NET Framework 4.8.2, Core/6/7

    Clean Code - TDD, SOLID, etc.

    Clean Architecture

    Working with distributed systems/microservices

    Problem solving skills

    Financial services or trading experience would

    be very useful

    Communication skills are very important, they

    should be able to discuss technical experience

    with confidence, and explains things clearly and


    Azure services experience - Cosmos DB, Service

    Bus, Event Grid, Key Vaults - nice to have, not


    Deployment related – Axure DevOps,

    Kubernetes, Flux CD. Azure Cloud

    WCF, ASP. Net, Websockets,