New Product Development Manager 15h Left - Indore, India - Kyari (A Brand of Select)

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    We are a budding home decor startup, yet a leading one in the D2C space.

    Two years ago, with a small team from Indore, we launched our game-changing self-watering planters. We believed then, as we do now, that home decor should be both beautiful and hassle-free.

    Our self-watering plants with planters were an instant hit. Customers loved the idea of watering their plants just once a week. It has made plant parenting a breeze. And with their continued support, we have become known for delivering top-notch products that combine style and function seamlessly.

    Our goal is to shake up the home decor industry by offering innovative solutions. We promise quick delivery of live plants, stunning design, premium quality, and easy plant care.

    Join us as we pave the way for a new era in home decor

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    Product Strategy and Roadmap:
    Define and drive the product strategy aligned with the company's goals, considering market trends, consumer needs, and business objectives.

    Develop and maintain a clear product roadmap that outlines feature releases and enhancements for product offerings.

    Product Development and Lifecycle Management:

    Lead cross-functional teams, collaborating with design, engineering, and marketing, to conceptualize, develop, and launch new products or features for the category.

    Manage the entire product lifecycle, from ideation and design to development, testing, and launch, ensuring timely delivery.

    Market and Consumer Research:
    Conduct market research and gather consumer insights to identify market gaps, customer preferences, and opportunities for new category products.

    Analyze competitive landscape and consumer behavior to make informed product decisions.

    Prioritization and Feature Definition:

    Prioritize features and functionalities based on consumer feedback, market demands, and business goals, using methodologies like user stories, personas, or MVP (Minimum Viable Product) concepts.

    Clearly define product requirements and specifications for new products, ensuring alignment with user needs.

    Product Performance Analysis:
    Establish and track key performance indicators (KPIs) for the products, such as user engagement, conversion rates, and retention metrics.

    Analyze product performance data to derive actionable insights for continuous improvement and optimization.

    Collaboration and Communication:
    Foster collaboration among cross-functional teams by effectively communicating product vision, goals, and requirements.

    Act as a bridge between stakeholders, ensuring clear and consistent communication regarding product updates, timelines, and changes.

    Product Launch and Go-to-Market Strategy:
    Develop comprehensive go-to-market strategies for new product launches, including pricing, positioning, and promotional plans.

    Collaborate with marketing and sales teams to drive successful product launches and adoption among target consumers.

    Feedback Integration and Iteration:
    Collect and analyze feedback from users, customer support, and other sources to continuously iterate and enhance products.

    Implement agile methodologies to adapt and respond to evolving consumer needs and market dynamics.

    5+ years of experience in NPD, ideally in a D2C brand. Background in architecture or home decor brand is a plus

    Experience in product story creation, growth management, consumer behavior.

    Good at team collaboration & communication

    Organized & structured

    Inclination to understanding brand philosophy & coming up with product ideas to fill category gaps.

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