USA trainee program J1 visa MAHARASTRA - Shahada, India - 2coms

    2coms background
    1. GuestServices: Engaging in guestinteractions providing assistance and ensuring a positiveexperience.
    2. ReservationsManagement: Learning to managereservations efficiently utilizing booking systems and optimizingroomallocations.
    3. FrontDesk Operations: Participatingin front desk activities including checkin/out key issuance andhandling billingprocesses.
    4. EventCoordination: Assisting in theplanning and execution of events developing skills in logistics andorganization.
    5. CustomerService: Addressing guestinquiries resolving issues promptly and maintaining high levels ofcustomersatisfaction.
    6. AdministrativeTasks: Contributing toadministrative duties such as filing data entry andrecordkeeping.
    7. CrossDepartmentCollaboration: Collaboratingwith various departments to understand the holistic operation ofthe hospitalityindustry.
    8. LearningStandards: Exposure to industrystandards best practices and compliancerequirements.
    9. ProfessionalDevelopment: Gaining valuableexperience for personal and professional growth within thehospitalitysector.


    1. KitchenAssistance: Supporting chefs infood preparation cooking andpresentation.
    2. MenuDevelopment: Participating inmenu planning and contributing creative ideas to enhance culinaryofferings.
    3. FoodSafety: Learning andimplementing proper food safety and hygiene practices in thekitchen.
    4. IngredientManagement: Assisting ininventory control procurement and ensuring freshness ofingredients.
    5. CookingTechniques: Acquiring handsonexperience in various cooking techniques andmethods.
    6. Collaboration:Working closely with kitchen staff to ensure smoothoperations and timelyservice.
    7. QualityControl: Participating inquality checks to maintain the standard and consistency ofdishes.
    8. KitchenOrganization: Contributing tothe organization and cleanliness of the kitchenspace.
    9. LearningCulinary Arts: Gaining exposureto diverse cuisines and enhancing skills for future culinaryendeavors.


    Adegree or professional certificate from a foreign postsecondaryacademic institution and at leastone
    year of prior related workexperience in his/her occupational field acquired outside theUnited States or
    Combination ofstudy work experience in the total of 5 years or moreor

    Fiveyears of work experience outside the United States in his/heroccupational field and who entersthe
    United States toparticipate in a structured and guided workbased training programin his/her specific


    *10$ to 20 $ stipend per hour (40 hour work permit)
    * pre and post immigrationsupport.
    * Health Insurance.
    * 2 weeks on site accommodationon arrival
    * Get a chance to workwith Brand.

    A degreeor professional certificate from a foreign post-secondary academicinstitution and at least one year of prior related work experiencein his/her occupational field acquired outside the United States,or Combination of study + work experience in the total of 5 yearsor more or Five years of work experience outside the United Statesin his/her occupational field, and who enters the United States toparticipate in a structured and guided work-based training programin his/her specific occupational field.