Data Governance - Hyderabad, India - Anblicks

    Default job background
    Technology / Internet

    • Microsoft Purview Data Governance with 8+ years of experience to develop and advise on a comprehensive implementation strategy to support the implementation of the Microsoft Purview Data Governance

    • Create technical documentation to effectively convey the benefits and importance of best practices when implementing Microsoft Purview Data Governance - Data Classification

    • Engage with key stakeholders from several functional areas including senior management, project team members, and end-users, to build awareness and support for the Data Classification initiative

    • Facilitate technical workshops and meetings to gather feedback, address concerns, and foster collaboration as appropriate

    • Assess training needs and develop a training program for technical employees on data classification principles, processes, and tools

    • Collaborate with subject matter experts to create technical training materials, user guides, and FAQs to support the needs of our technical staff who will need to make changes to our implementation

    • Identify and assess the impact of the Data Classification initiative on our existing Azure tenancy, related systems, and workflows

    • Leverage previous implementation experiences in to identify lessons learned, best practices, and potential pitfalls

    • Develop metrics and measurement frameworks to assess the effectiveness and success of the Data Classification implementation

    • Regularly monitor any Azure anomalies related to Purview, Azure SME feedback, and key performance indicators to identify areas for improvement