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Deepika Kaur

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Deepika Kaur

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Job description

Roles and Responsibilities

Data Management Support:
Assist in collecting, consolidating, and validating data from different sources.

Help maintain efficient databases and systems for data storage and retrieval.

Support data analysis efforts by assisting in identifying trends, patterns, and insights relevant to the organization's performance.

Collaborate with the MIS team to generate regular and ad-hoc reports for various departments.

Report Generation and Presentation:
Assist in preparing reports on sales, purchase, accounts, finance, and other relevant areas.

Help summarize data findings for presentation to stakeholders.

Collaborate with department heads to understand their reporting requirements and provide assistance in creating customized reports as needed.

Ensure reports are delivered within deadlines and adhere to quality standards.

Data Integrity and Confidentiality:
Adhere to established data governance practices to maintain data integrity and consistency.

Assist in protecting sensitive and confidential information by following established protocols and security measures.

Uphold ethical guidelines and maintain a high level of professionalism in handling confidential data.

Assist in promoting awareness of data privacy and security best practices among staff.

System Support and Process Improvements:
Identify opportunities to enhance existing systems and processes for efficient data management.

Collaborate with IT teams to provide support for system upgrades or new tools that improve data analysis capabilities.

Assist in identifying process improvement areas to streamline data collection, reporting, and analysis.

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