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    1 month ago

    Default job background
    • 5+ years experience in information technology.
    • 2+ years experience in information security.
    • Experience in managing, engineering, or developing content for centralized logging solutions. (Splunk Enterprise , Arc Sight, ELK etc.)
    • 1+ years SIEM (Splunk Enterprise Security) content development experience.
    • Familiarity with a broad range of security technologies and how they function, as well as non-security devices and how their log outputs can indicate security incidents.
    • 1+ years in log review, analysis, and design of searches / alerts to bring actionable intelligence from logs.
    • Understanding of Splunk engineering a plus .
    • Basic understanding of one or more of the following: Shell scripting, Perl, or other scripting.
    • 1+ years of SOAR development experience (XSOAR, Chronicle, Splunk SOAR etc).
    • Candidates Must have experience in Implementation, Deployment, Development,

    Location : Mumbai & Pune