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There is a huge difference between the real and ideal world of sheet metal manufacturing and designing. And this difference is met through accurate sheet metal fabrication drawings to communicate design intent on the shop floor. Partner with sheet metal design drafting experts at Hitech CADD Services for your projects. https://bit.ly/3uzavww



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3 weeks ago

CAD Outsourcing Services: A Good Option for Manufacturing Companies

Hiral Patel · CAD drafting offers a variety of benefits in terms of precision, accuracy, reduced time, and efficient project management. But for manufacturing companies, it is a huge hassle to hire skilled CAD drafters in-house due to the rise in infrastructural costs and other factors. · Henc ...

1 month ago

How BIM changes physical outcomes in precast detailing

Hiral Patel · The construction industry has used 2D CAD drawings for a long time for building planning, design, and construction. But it has its own set of advantages. The rise of advanced digital platforms like BIM has allowed stakeholders to collaborate beyond designs and be on the same page ...

1 month ago

How CAD Drawings Drive Quality for Balcony Manufacturers

Hiral Patel · Balcony manufacturers often face challenges in meeting quality benchmarks when working with manual drafting and drawing solutions. Learn how CAD drawings can help improve efficiency and streamline design communications for error-free, on-time delivery. · How CAD Drawings Drive Qu ...

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1 year ago · 2 min. reading time

Conserving and improving the creativity of architectural design was an essential element for a publi ...

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Devesh 🐝 Bhatt

JUST TO FEEL LUCKY - by Devesh Bhatt

I was hanging, · I was hollow. · You were crawling, · Filled with sorrow. · And the choices, · To make a difference, · Seemed damaged, · Beyond tomorrow. · I was hanging, · Hooked on empty. · You were crawling, · Roughed up plenty. · And the chances, · To be another. · Though qui ...

2 years ago

Debasish Majumder


Languages are an amazing signals · Help human beings to disseminate their intriguing expressions · To translate their views and visions · Even to portray their agony, pain, joy and sad equations · Which virtually prove humans as supreme out of all creatures emerged as champion! · ...

1 year ago

Sanky Hule

Post from Sanky Hule

Difference Between 304H and 347H Stainless Steel Tubes · Difference Between 304H and 347H Stainless Steel Tubes, explained. Stainless steel is a versatile composition of a steel alloy and a small percentage of chromium — the addition of chromium increases the material's corrosion ...

1 year ago

Raj Tripathi

Post from Raj Tripathi

Similarities and Difference between ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 · Here, we have discussed the similarities and differences between ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 which is most important for business. · https://writingwinds.com/iso-9001-and-iso-22000/

2 months ago

Nupur Modh

How to Find The Right SEO Service in 2022?

How to Find The Right SEO Service in 2022? - Rise Socially · Choosing a professional seo services company with a high level of expertise, skills and experience can really have a major impact on the success of a business and its revenue potential. Often the key difference between ...

1 year ago

Hiral Patel

Conserving The Creativity Of Architectural Design With 3D BIM Modeling

Conserving and improving the creativity of architectural design was an essential element for a public park project In California, USA. It started with a construction firm in California, USA, outsourcing its requirements to Hitech CADD Services for generating BIM models for archit ...