Vishal Kumar

7 months ago ·

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Perform interactive, fun & indulging worksheets by Brainmate

In this era of digital learning, we have created a series of online worksheets for students who wish to improve their reading and thinking skills. Parents can provide their children with interactive...

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Post from Manish Kumar

Manish Kumar ·  Marg Mart - A life-saver in the era of Covid-19 · Marg Mart is an online platform that assists customers to locate the medical stores or distributors where the medicines they need are available. · Marg Mart - A life-saver in the era of Covid-19 · Marg Mart is an online platform ...

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Plan a trip to the most beautiful destination and get blissful experience of lifetime

Pankaj Singh · Europe has always been a dream destination for many couples but traveling to Europe has never been easy and reasonable. Cheap Europe Honeymoon packages are made available by agencies who make all the arrangements right from booking tickets to room reservation, food, and transport ...

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Under Pressure? Don't Worry..Stay The P-P-C* Way

Prakashan B.V · Got a tough task to be completed and under pressure to succeed? Preparing for a crucial exam and fear of failure haunts you?  · Working on something that calls for channelizing all your energies so much so that you feel drained out? · Your boss has given you a mammoth task and th ...

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How About A New Direction To Life?

Prakashan B.V ·   · Background: I like this saying, "An entire sea of water can't sink a ship unless it gets inside the ship".Similarly, the negativity of the world can't put us down unless we allow it to get inside us.The turning point of my life came the day I started thinking that we could ...

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Role of e-Learning in Training

Ravi Ranjan · We have been experiencing an enormous transformation in the education industry over the last decade. Thanks to e-Learning! Today the students have a broader choice of courses and the freedom to choose the career as per their skill and interest. E-learning has proved that there is ...

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How Can You "Work Over Pressure" ?

Prakashan B.V · So ....What matters the most while performing under pressure? No one likes to get out of the comfort zone given an opportunity.But the reality is that often we are pushed beyond the boundaries of our comfort zone.Not only that, ironically, many a times upon the successful complet ...