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Check out this detailed guide on savings plan. Know what to expect from an endowment plan, benefits of savings plan & who should invest in it.


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SBI Life
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NS Offers an opportunity for low-risk investment Option for adding extra riders


J Provides better tax benefits Better long-term savings

/N Caters to the dual purpose of insurance & investment High Liquidity

Ensures lump sum payout as maturity benefit Loan facility

IJV 13h)

» Professionals, business people, and salaried individuals who require lump sum money for long-term financial goals. ¢



» Individuals looking for savings plan and investment options for the long run
» Freshers can also invest to ensure better savings

» The low-risk susceptibility makes it a perfect choice for risk-averse people too.

Combine th efits of both Investment & insurance by

availing of the right endowment plan. Wondering what So, now that you know the perks of savings schemes like the

is the endowment plan? Let's explore! a - a
ALISA C endowment plan, it's time to invest for a better future!
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