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10 Benefits of Live Chat for your Business Growth

10 Benefits of Live Chat for your Business GrowthThe fastest way to help your customersAccording to the leading android apps development agency in Gurgaon, today’s customers are curious and wandering all over the internet from shopping, paying bills, looking for particular services and information, and much more for most of the time. However to feed their “query hunger”, organizations these days provide a range of options from email, phone, social media, and live chat to connect with them easily. Why? Because it is a well-known fact that a customer chooses a business when his priorities are answered promptly and live chat is one of those mediums that particularly helps a business in this regard. Are you wondering what the benefits of a live chat are? Then hinting you a little that it has been surveyed and reported by that 63% of customers return to a website that offers the facility of a live chat. But, the question is why a customer is more comfortable on a live chat? And how eventually it helps a business?

Let us go through some of the benefits of live chat for business growth in a little detail.

A Comfortable Platform of Conversation: When a customer, who is looking for a particular service, visits the site and gets engaged with the site’s content, he is eager enough to ask few questions that come to his mind. This is where the live chat benefits customer service in many ways. An online chat provides immediate help and in real-time.

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The wait time for the customers gets reduced and he is able to talk with the sales or support staff directly. This cheers up his expectation and he is well ensured with the knowledge. All in all, it removes the hassles of dialing a number and getting connected locally. Many companies like LiveChat provides the application which could be embedded on the website directly with instant functioning.

Great Service at a Reasonable Cost: One of the benefits of live chat support is the cost-efficiency. Phone support is an old and traditional marketing strategy where a high cost is charged per incoming or outgoing call. While on the other hand, live chat is not that expensive.

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Whatever cost it endures, it returns it double with fast lead conversions in no time. The agents can handle multiple customers in one go which is not a feasible case with a call service. This saves a huge expense over hiring professionals and in turn delivers a high quality of service, which is what an end result should be.

Boost in Sales Numbers: The ongoing trend of online chat has proven that it turns up the website traffic with a cordial interaction. It has been concluded many times that live chat benefits businesses by maximizing the ROI and increasing the conversion rate of the number of leads.


This happens mainly because a customer enjoys conversing as his answers are given quickly. The speed and competency of this application are what rolls in more customers. Even the agent can inform the customer about any latest ongoing scheme that his company is offering currently.

An edge to Competitive Spirit: The online world is brimming with competitors. Not a single business is left without an adversary. That is why live chat is so important for uplifting the businesses and even b2b lead generation. Live chat provides an opening to the customers where they can put down their concerns or questions.

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Live chat has the privilege to come out with a solution in a flash. Even this helps the business to understand what are the requirements of a regular customer in the market and how can the business methods be manipulated according to it. This would eventually impress your customers more and compel them to choose your business always.

Understanding the Customers Properly: Conversing with a customer in such a direct manner helps the businesses to understand their “pain points” effectively. With a simple email or phone, it is not possible to understand what a customer wants. But, a chat is analyzed by a marketing team who analyses what the customer is worried about or where is he holding up.

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This is where live chat benefits the customer service Because this somehow shows how competent are the support team members of the business are. Chat histories could also be viewed and changed in the system could be made, if it is required to do so.

Create a deeper Client Association: Creating a single loyal customer is very difficult. It takes minutes for the customer to switch his association from one company to another. Thus, retaining customers for long-term growth is achieved when the customer’s grievances are answered in real-time, which makes them more inclined towards them.

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Moreover, they feel suggesting those businesses to their other colleagues, friends, or family members as well. So, it’s the business’ profit in the long run.

Improves Customer Service Quality: Live chat lets the business’ have a way to analyze their data, gathered from their website or other channels and understand what is missing or what needs to be restored in their customer service. When the live chat application is installed on the website, the whole chat transcripts are available for future reference.

They will depict the customer pain points and the speed with which the demands are met. This is how live chat benefits customer service as well. By analyzing what kind of questions are mostly asked or deducing about the queries that could be asked in the future, the support team can have some pre-planned answers to provide the customers on the spot. This will ensure their trust and will keep them coming back again.

A Bilateral Conversation: Though the customer has the privilege to click on the button and start conversing, the agent can do the same. He may start the conversation when he sees a visitor on his website. Most of the time this strategy works better and the visitor gets involved in the conversation and even comes out to be a customer in most cases.

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The advanced monitoring and tracking system allow the agent these days to start a conversation which converts those potential buyers to customers.

Reports & Analysis:
After going through all the above information, you are very much informed about how beneficial a live chat could for a business. Apart from all these, live chat provides custom reports with chat histories to review the agents’ performance as well as study the customer interaction as well.


This helps to analyze the visitor metrics i.e. the number of visitors on a website or the number who were in conversation which further could help in changing some marketing strategies if required.

A Wide Market Reach: A customer is very fickle minded. He hops from one business to another and chooses the one to which he has easy and quick access. With the help of the internet, it has become possible for businesses to reach their prospective clients readily.

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And when the site has the feature of live chat, even the customer of some far or remote location can connect in speed. This paves the way to a deeper market that you may never have thought possible.

These are some of the perks of having a live chat application on your website. Remember, ­­­ that a business succeeds with quality and speed and when you deliver both, you create a name and more customers on your way.

We highly recommend the use of LiveChatINC for your website as this provides an interface where you and your customers are in direct contact and are conversing in real-time. An exciting feature that the chat app includes is

  • Power of Customizations
  • Google Analytics Event tracking as conversion
  • Google AdWords Conversion tracking
  • Chat anytime from any device (Android, IOS, Window, IPAD apps)
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