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10 Latest SEO Strategies Needed to Get Huge Traffic in 2021

10 Latest SEO Strategies Needed to Get Huge Traffic in 2021LETTS


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Search Engine Optimization is the ladder to success for digital marketing influencers. Since technology has engrossed our lives, most of us rely on the internet for everything. In that case, there is an amount of toil on the shoulders of influencers to aggrandize their strategies. If you are looking forward to getting noticed, then Seo Services Delhi will do these advanced SEO strategies out of which many will be discussed here.


It is very substantial to learn why are you investing your time and effort in these strategies when there are other techniques that can provide benefits? it is all because people are being benefited from it for more than a decade now and they are outgrowing their business. Specifically focusing on the results let’s have a look at them too before continuing to the strategies.

  • Near about 5 billion searches tend to happen on Google per day which is a very huge amount, if you focus on the strategies, then you will have chances to gain lots of profits.
  • Google holds 80.5 % of the total search engine market share.
  • SEO industry’s worth is more than 72 billion dollars

So, after knowing these critical aspects it has become significantly important to focus on SEO strategy to remain in the list of performing businesses on the internet.

There are many advanced SEO techniques in the industry, have a look on some of them –

Create a Strong Presence on Social Media

Digital marketing and social media are so much related. It will be unfair not to have a presence on social media as from here; you can gain a lot of attention. Your updates would reach people quickly and firmly. The more eyeballs you have on your web presence, the more chances would be to get conversions.

Do not miss out on social media because it will surely catalyze your strategies. It is door to many opportunities. Many people go through their social media feeds like morning newspapers so you can imagine how far your business can go if you actually focus on sharing the quality of content over it.

Revamping Website 

Once you are done with perceiving the knick-knacks about your page, it’s time for you to dive into the endless possibilities of revamping your site by updating content and find growth in the traffic. According to the advanced SEO techniques

  • First, Optimize your Content.

    Those contents, which contain the foremost piece of information about your web page but are outdated, substitute it with a better one. Re boosts your content if it’s not able to engage the audience and use eye-catchy words. Write in the continuation and make sure it is relevant throughout. Create more relevant content and replace it with the existing one. It is considered one of the best SEO strategies.

  • Keyword Research needs to be Strong

    There are many keyword tools that will suggest you focus on the keywords that are mostly used by the searchers and target customers, eventually ranking up your web page.

  • Content Marketing

SEO and content marketing are inter-related. SEO gets the requirements while the content marketing fulfils those. Content marketing would be able to get the right product or services in front of the prospects in the time of need. Eventually, making your web presence prominent.

So, for greater visibility, firstly, get yourself found on search engines through publishing your content on high authority websites to get it ranked well. Secondly, build the authority of your own website by the consistent promotion of the blogs. By following the content marketing trends your website would gain what you need in terms of ranking.

Video to the Web page

Now a day, searches are shifting their interests from pictures to videos. The tendency is that people go for searching for a video rather than for an image. So, shifting the focus to video-sharing would be of considerable benefit.

First, you will have to figure out what kind of information, customers are more likely to search related to your web page. Once you figure it out, then numerous unlimited videos can be created. There are certain things which need to take care of


  • Use keywords in the Title:

    Try to use some good and alluring titles.

  • Short Description:

    You will always have to give a description of the video. Using not more than 500 words, briefly, explain everything your video consists of. Do not forget to use the appropriate keywords.

  • Track Analytics:

    You can keep track of viewing the number of views you have had on your video along with the comments and likes.

Mobile Friendliness

A study reveals that over 48% of searches are made through mobile phones so your website should support the mobile and other devices. Also, your website must be opened within 3 sec or people are more likely to switch to some other site. Google has prepared an algorithm wherein if your site is not mobile-friendly then it will automatically remove your site from mobile searches.


So, optimize your website to be mobile-friendly. This SEO strategy may help you generate good leads.

Time for a Longer Metadata

It’s not the time for short metadata anymore. The search snippet length has seen a tremendous increase in size to make it more descriptive for the users.


But, longer Metadata does not mean you have to switch to some storytelling mode. It implies that the description should be clear, crisp yet concise to understand.

  • Bucket Brigades

This is just a writing technique which is designed to keep the user involved in the content by creating more interest in the writing format. Like the paragraph is broken down into multiple sentences to keep the user into the flow of the content.

  • Internal Link Audit & Optimization

Since we know that internal linking connects one page to another. And this is equally helpful for the SEO experts to increase the crawl rate. But, how well this strategy of yours is working could only be known if you could have an internal link audit done through Google Search Console and Spreadsheet.

Page Load Speed

No one likes to spend a full 5 minutes searching for particular information. Thus, work along the lowest time span to give a better result for your searches.

A mediocre result is not expected by your viewers, thus getting a good page load speed would be the best course of action. Use the PageSpeed Insights to get an overview of your website speed.

Bounce Rate

Lowering the bounce rate is one of the major concerns for any business. Bounce Rate is the measure of visitors who landed on your website but never made any further interaction.

But, the remedy is easily available these days in the name of online tools like Crazy Egg and Optimizely that can analyze your fault in the website and give a suitable suggestion.


So, listed above were some SEO strategies. If implemented accurately, it will automatically reflect on your growth and rank. Above anything else, you will have to be patient because results do not reflect overnight. The black hat techniques are a blunder so refrain from trusting them. Although, these advanced SEO techniques are not only going to be beneficial now but in the upcoming time as well.

Original Source: Technians

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It will be a disaster doing this only and expecting a result. Big G will not give you the luxury of ranking without quality links and spending some money.

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