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10 Minute Guide for Facebook Lead Ads (Facebook Lead Generation Ads)

10 Minute Guide for Facebook Lead Ads (Facebook Lead Generation Ads)FENN FACEBOOK

LEAD ADSLead generation is one of the important terms you will hear a lot in Digital Marketing. It refers to the act of initiation of contact with a potential customer, to get their attention. But if you want to catch the attention of as many people as possible with a lead generation ad, you need to optimize it for getting conversions. This is one of the techniques in use these days to boost business profit with digital marketing.

But what exactly lead ads are and how do you implement those on Facebook? You will find the answer to all that, right with Social Media Marketing Services in Gurgaon .

1. What are Lead Ads?

Lead ads are not just ads that put in something to watch or read, they are much more interactive. They include online surveys like forms that ask people about their interests regarding a particular product or service. It is a contact form that takes the details of each survey taker. Through lead ads, you are pretty directly asking the people what they like and whether they would like to receive notifications regarding the relevant product or not.

The good thing here is, since you ask for the details, the people have a choice. So the lead ads on Facebook let you fetch the contact details only from those who are interested in your product. It helps you find your target audience through Facebook, specifically. You targeted a broad demographic while sending the ad, which resulted in getting more focused target customers to offer newsletter sign-ups and follow up calls or emails.

2.Lead ad Platforms

The lead ads are mainly for two social networking platforms, Facebook, and Instagram. The ads that are more textual go on Facebook, and the ones that are more images based go on Instagram. But the better decision is to go by the target audience.

  • Instagram– If the target demographic is youngsters who love to take a selfie and post it everywhere or bloggers who like to post their actions via hashtags, Instagram is the better option.
  • Facebook– If the target demographic for the ad is old school people who are on social media, or just a larger bunch of people, or people interested in written blogs, Facebook lead ads is the way to go. These ads are of great value for any business growth.
  • The Comprehensive Nature of Lead ads

Lead ads are to the point and bring you the exact result you need. They do the work of generic digital marketing because people are seeing the ad on their wall. They also do the work of retargeting in a way, because instead of sending cookies sneakily and finding where exactly the person goes to find what they like, lead generation ads on Facebook and Instagram directly ask the targets to make contact.

So via lead ad, you get to target a broad group, narrow down on a more specific interested group, forge a means to contact them, know more about their interests, and get to easily store the data that you wanted.

3. Why Facebook out of both?

We have already told you that Facebook and Instagram are the two commonest platforms for lead ads. Out of the two, Facebook is the more fruitful one. Why?

  • It has 2.19 billion users while Instagram only has about 800 million according to a survey when last checked.
  • The user interface for lead ads is very simple and fast on Facebook.
  • There is an advertisement dashboard on the left. Facebook itself takes initiative in helping the relevant audience find you. The followers can sign up for your offers on the platform itself. The form filling process becomes very easy with Facebook’s intuitive interface.

  • How to Create Facebook Lead Generation ads?

Facebook starts with offering recommendations on the appearance of the lead ads. There are some options to choose from for the design.


You will need to go to Facebook Ads Manager and click on the lead generation objective. You will have to think of an interesting name for the campaign. Now you will create a fan page.

You will be operating via the Facebook Page that you need to maintain well. You need to create fresh content to keep the Page active and try getting as many followers as possible. You can invest in getting active followers. But whether the followers are interacting enough on your Page or not, depends on you.

4. The Benefits of a Facebook Lead Generation Page

The population on the Facebook network is not the only reason for being the best option for lead ads. When you try to create lead generation ads, Facebook helps you in more ways than other social networking platforms do.

  • Facebook lets you access a meter that tells you whether your target audience is focused enough, or needs more focused targeting. It helps you choose a more relevant demographic set for the type of Facebook ads you have to display.
  • Facebook also gives you the option to display your ad on desktop/laptop only, on mobile-only, and on both. You also get to choose from a flexible budget and schedule option.
  • Facebook Lead ad Format

The lead ad you create on Facebook will be according to your will. You will decide what content goes on and in what tone, what image goes with it, the questions you want to ask and you will also choose the design you like.

But there is a standard format that determines the size of the image, the size of the headline, and the description. The lead generation ads follow the format that is compatible with Facebook so that it loads quickly and appears properly on the mobile app as well.

  • The Image is usually 1200×628 pixels.
  • The Headline consists of 25 characters.
  • The Content where you get to explain your aim will have to be wrapped up in 90 characters.
  • There will be a Newsfeed description that has to be less than 31 characters. This is very limited space so you need to choose your words wisely. Make the most of every character.
  • You get to upload videos as well.
  • Also, if you have a story to share for more engagement, you have the option of adding multiple images and videos.
  • You will also need to define a Call to Action button where you let the viewers know what they need to do.

You need to incorporate your uniqueness into this standard format.

5. Privacy Policies

A very important thing you will be made to do in the very beginning is to agree to Facebook’s Privacy Policy. You will need to link the registered company’s privacy policy at the very beginning. This policy will legally bind you to respect the confidentiality of the contact and other details you receive. You will also be legally bound to respect some limitations regarding the questions you are allowed to ask. With a strong Facebook privacy policy behind them, the users will be more comfortable sharing their details with you.

6. See How to Get it Right

  • Check out some lead generation Facebook ads that resulted in a high turnout.
  • Check out multiple real examples of lead generation ads from various well-known companies and find out the pattern, the style that makes the ad a catchy one within the limitation of the few characters you are allowed to use.
  • Find out the common factors within your requirement and the ads placed by well-known companies. Make your content in accordance with the winning factor in each ad.
  • Know Where to Draw a Line

Now that you are on the other side, you need to ask questions that you think won’t make the participant uncomfortable, or won’t make them wonder, “why do they even want to know this?”

The privacy policies would have already barred you from asking certain questions. But the understanding of boundary does not end there. You have to be smart about it. If you see too many people not completing the survey, take down some of the questions that might be too personal or apparently irrelevant, and see the difference.

7. Final Checks

Before you click on the “Place Order” button, please-

  • Take your time and go for the “Review Order” option.
  • Check for typos, they make you look irresponsible and incompetent.
  • Check for technical glitches that might have made a question repeat itself.
  • Give it a final thought, do you want to add another question? Do you want to take one down? Publish your ad only after taking your time to review it.
  • Keep it Alive

Once you have published the first of your Facebook lead ads, you will want to make the most out of it. Keep your page alive. Create a content planning checklist in advance to never miss the regularity.

  • Keep track of the visitors and provide something which compels them to stay on your Page like your answer to their queries or feedback. Building this connection will make them more likely to respond to email approaches or other modes in which you try to contact them with new subscriptions and newsletters.
  • Update the autoresponder frequently and cater to those on the list. Make sure you keep the promises you make in your responses.
  • Follow up every day to make sure you are making a good impression on the leads you generated. Backing out on a promise is worse than not making one. So venture out into lead generation via Facebook only if you think you can follow up on the offers you make and steadily maintain the image you created.

If you have made the ad suitable for the target demographic, and if you have chosen the right demographic for your product, you will get a good response. Follow up on the response. Use a good customer relationship management system for your follow up activities. Invest time and the right budget that you can afford. You will surely gain a lot from Facebook lead generation ads.

Original Source: Technians

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