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10 Ways To Engage Children In Their Homework

10 Ways To Engage Children In Their Homework


The World Health Organization states that "many adults and some children around the world spend the majority of their waking hours at work." When someone mentions work, we immediately picture our actual occupations, where we physically enter a building and listen to our supervisor instruct us on what to accomplish today. When we have to carry work home, we then become quite frustrated, but do we ever remember our children? In every icse and CBSE schools in Bangalore Children receive homework almost every night to complete before class the next day.


If the child doesn't finish the assignment, the parent will either get a call or will need to arrange a parent-teacher conference.In all the CBSE schools in Bangalore every month they do conduct parents teachers meeting to report about students performances. Both of these circumstances require you to set aside more time after a long day at the office to go speak with the instructor about your child's grades. Making ensuring your child is healthy and happy is a responsibility that parents have.


Children, parents, and instructors can collaborate on increasing student learning through homework. Students who effectively do their homework increase their chances of academic achievement. However, doing homework helps students form habits and attitudes that will benefit them in settings other than the classroom. Parents can also join few webinars and programs on how to make child learn effectively arranged by CBSE schools in bangalor and other places as well.


Of course, helping with homework shouldn't include sitting at a desk for hours on end. Parents can help their children by demonstrating study and time management techniques, clarifying a challenging concept, or simply by asking them to take a break. Who knows, though? Even parents might pick up a few tips. All these sort of tips are followed by CBSE schools in Bangalore as well they convey all these tips to parents as well.


Here are some pointers to assist you:


Interact with the teachers

Understand the teachers and what they are seeking. Meet your child's instructors by attending school events, such as parent-teacher conferences. Inquire about their regulations around homework and how you can participate. Involve in all kinds of events arranged by CBSE schools in Bangalore or where your kid is studying to know more about how to help your kid in doing homework and other works.


Maintain a study space

Make a space that is suitable to schoolwork. Make sure the children have a bright area to do their homework. Maintain easy access to resources including paper, pencils, glue, and scissors. All CBSE schools in Bangalore have their own library which helps children to access all the information they required.


Maintain periodic calender

Plan a regular study period. After their afternoon snack and playtime, some children want to work, while others might choose to wait until after dinner. CBSE schools in Bangalore also helps parents to prepare calender for their kids.



Assist your children

Assist them in planning. Encourage your child to divide the workload into manageable portions on nights when they have a lot of homework or when they have a particularly large assignment to complete. If necessary, make a work schedule for the evening, and try to schedule a 15-minute break every hour. Faculties in CBSE schools in Bangalore assist  children as well as parents to schedule timings to complete their homeworks.


Avoid distractions

Limit your time spent being distracted. No television, loud music, or phone calls are permitted. (On occasion, though, talking to a classmate on the phone about a task can be useful.)


Make Them Independent

Make sure youngsters complete their own homework. If they don't think for themselves and fail on their own, they won't learn anything. Parents can offer advice and provide guidance. However, it is a child's responsibility to learn. CBSE schools in Bangalore teaches every student to become independent in all aspects.


Be supportive

Be an active supporter and a monitor. Enquire about the tasks, tests, and quizzes. Encourage students, look over their schoolwork when it's finished, and be available for inquiries and concerns.


Lead them by becoming an example

Lead by example. Do your children ever catch you reading a book or carefully checking your chequebook? In contrast to their advise, children are more prone to imitate their parents' behaviour.


Appreciate their efforts

praise their efforts and work. Post a completed art project or test on the fridge. Tell your family about your academic achievements.


Evaluate possible troubles

Seek assistance if your homework troubles keep coming up. With the instructor of your child, discuss it. Some children struggle to read the board and may require glasses, while others may require testing for a learning disability or attention problems.




The above mentioned are 10 ways of to engage children in their home work. Every parent should encourage and motivate their kids and allow them to explore all the fields of study they are interested. Many CBSE schools in Bangalore takes motivational classes to boost confidence among children. In my personal experience i have got to study in a school Soundarya central school where all these fundamentals are explained to parents and children’s very well.


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