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11 Most Successful Ways To Increase Your Social Media Presence [2021]

11 Most Successful Ways To Increase Your Social Media Presence [2021]y 00 AN
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Social media has been an excellent platform for organizations, brands, and institutions to connect with audiences, increase awareness, and get leads for the business. Having an engaged following with one or more social networks, brands can spread the word of any new products, initiatives, and campaigns. However, just having thousands of followers on Facebook and Twitter is just not sufficient for an effective social media presence. You can have thousands of followers who never read your social media posts or click on the links. The primary key to drive the online community for your brand is to actively engage the audience with your content. So, how to grow our social media presence? You need to bring more and more people to like and follow your social media accounts so that your business would be reachable to many. If you are looking for one, get in touch with ORM services India or read this article that highlights the ways to grow your social media presence. 

  • Conduct Contest – Conducting online contests is an efficient way to get new people to like and follow your social media accounts, while also looking into ways to maintain your current fans with your page. It is, indeed, worth experimenting with contests on each social media network where your business is active. A few ways to conduct social media contests are:

    • Comment To Win – Allow participants to leave a comment or to answer a question.

    • Caption Contest – Allow the participant to choose a caption. Either the best option caption wins or the one with the most likes. 

    • Fill-in-the-Blank Contest – Allow the participant to answer a question, like trivia.

    • Photo Contest – Allow the participant to upload a photo. Either the best photo wins or the one with the most likes. 

    • Multiple Choice Contest – Allow participants to select one answer from the many options.  

For successful social media, contests promote it everywhere and follow the platform rules. Image Source: HeyOcra

  • Place A Visual With Every Post – Visuals perform high on social media. It immediately gets the attention of the audience. It is a known fact that images convey more meaning than content. So, ensure that you place an attractive and colorful graphic image with each post.  

  • Share More Video Content – Video is a popular content type that engages the audience the most on every social media platform. So, it is a good idea to develop a few video contents that increase engagement. Ensure that you upload your video on the platform directly instead of posting a link that takes to another website. While placing video directly on the social media platform, the video will auto-play as people would land there while scrolling and viewing through the feeds and would get more attention. Video content would increase the number of views that would increase reach, engagement, and visibility for your brand.  

| rouow eXImage Source: Lumen5

  • Communicate With The Online Community – The majority of Facebook and Twitter users prefer to get a response very soon they post a question on the platform. So, to gain an excellent social media presence give your followers on the social media platform, a good user experience by giving responses immediately to their queries. Listen and understand their requirements and respond accordingly. Also, look forward to recognizing people who mention and retweet your brand on Twitter and ensure that you thank users who comment on YouTube and Instagram platforms. By actively communicating with the online community, audiences will more likely become your fans and become your loyal ambassadors on social media platforms.

  • Update Profile Photo And Cover Page Of Your Account – One of the most viewed social profile elements is your profile photo and banners. These are visual tools that have a significant impact on your brand and services. On the Facebook platform, consider updating your profile photo once per month and include a great caption as well. On the Twitter platform, make use of your profile and banner photo to project the great work of your brand. Ensure that you do not stretch out and have a horizontal layout of your logo as nobody prefers to connect with a logo on the social media platform. Personalize, customize, and humanize on every platform by including a visual image that projects your brand. Also, ensure that you make use of the right image size for each social media platform. 

Image Source: BrandYourself

  • Give A Reason For People To Follow You – Give your potential and existing fans to follow your social media platform. Content should be tailored for each social media platform. For example, the Twitter platform shares real-time alerts and the latest news while on the Facebook channel project fascinating and longer stories about the people who benefit from your brand. Make use of social media platforms on the basis of demographics and strengths to connect with the target audiences. 

df413bdf.jpgImage Source: 123RF

  • Encourage Followers To Tag – Yet another strategy to increase social media presence is to encourage followers to tag other people who benefit from the post. When you post an inspiring quote on your social media platform, include a tag line, ‘Tag a friend who requires this.’ When you share a video, encourage the online community to tag a friend to share the message. So, these new people would potentially join as your social media followers.

  • Make Use Of Hashtags – Hashtags are widely used these days and are prefixed with the ‘#’ symbol. Make use of the hashtags in your social media posts to increase the number of followers. Here are two ways to use hashtags:

    • Make Use Of Popular Hashtags Carefully And Tactically – Ideally, make use of popular tags per Instagram post or tweet. A few examples are - #TBT (Throwback Thursday), #OOTD (Outfit of the day), etc. 

    • Include Current Events And Trending Topics – Be relevant with your hashtags. For example, if you are posting for the upcoming new year 2021, include hashtag #2021. People who search for that specific hashtag come across your post, and they become the potential followers for you.  

0aa07f0c.jpgImage Source: Awario

  • Make Use Of Humour To Engage – Brands that showcase humor and humanity perform well on social media platforms. But ensure that the content is relevant to the target audience and conveys your brand voice.

  • Do Not Buy Followers – Some business assumes that building an online community is easy by purchasing followers and fans. This is a bad practice, and it gets into a lot of issues. One main issue is that it pollutes the audiences with many robot profiles and that corrupts the audience's insight and limits your brand’s performance. It would help if you focused on creating posts that attract audiences and follow them with their interest. 

  • Explore Paid Social - Smoothing social media success involves to allocate spending on ad spend; however, it would be less. One of the best ways to increase your social media audience and increase exposure is to invest in paid social advertisements. When paid ads are done and projected well, it promotes your content and increases conversions that would help your brand to reach many new people. Targeting audience enables you to focus on warm audiences who have visited your website, the current followers and fans, and subscribed to your email list. 


Social media platforms are a huge platform where you can project your business and get more leads. When the platform is used strategically and thoughtfully, social media platforms can be an incredible hold for your organizations and brands to connect with loyal followers, stakeholders, and to increase your reachability and audience.

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