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12 Most Important Steps To Develop A Successful LinkedIn Marketing Strategy [2021]

12 Most Important Steps To Develop A Successful LinkedIn Marketing Strategy [2021]PERE

LinkedIn is a popular professional networking website established during the year 2003. Over the years, it has attracted millions of users across many countries. Currently, it is not only a job seekers platform; it is also an excellent marketing tool. There are millions of customers on this platform who check for each business. Hence, every business needs to involve itself in LinkedIn marketing and get an effective LinkedIn marketing strategy. When LinkedIn marketing is executed with the utmost care and methodological, it creates brand awareness, and businesses can have a long-term professional relationship and help in lead generation. 

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 So, let us understand the steps to create a LinkedIn marketing strategy.

  • Define Goals – Every business starts with a goal, likewise marketing as well. You must outline your goals for your marketing on the LinkedIn platform. The goals would vary from business to business, and you need to pick up the right goal that would align with your business goals. A few of the goals for marketing would be the following:

    • Build brand awareness for your business

    • Generate qualified leads

    • Strengthen the brand reputation

    • Engage more with your target audience

    • Sale of your product or service

  • Understand Your Audience – Once you define your goals, it is time to define your target audience. Not everybody would prefer to watch your marketing platform. So, it would help if you found the right audience, and this is a prerequisite to developing a LinkedIn marketing strategy. You can plan your audience on various parameters like geographical location, job profile, gender, domain, etc. For example, if you are a famous e-learning company that provides IT-level courses for college students, your need to target computer students. Apart from defining your target audience, it is also essential to have a proper understanding of your audience existing with you. SO, for successful LinkedIn marketing, focus on understanding your right audience. 

  • Develop An Attractive Company Page – One main asset of your Linked marketing strategy is to have an attractive company page on the LinkedIn platform. This page is the first interaction that your target audience will have with your brand. Also, the audience should understand everything they prefer to know about your business. Ensure that you place the following on the company page:

    • Company logo

    • Website URL

    • Domain details

    • Company size, location, contact, etc.

It would also help if you had an accurate description that carries essential details of your company's offers. When you have a complete company page, it strengthens your brand’s image on the platform. 

  • Optimize Your Company Page – Like any website, you should optimize your LinkedIn company page as well. Having a well-optimized page helps you increase your visibility in search either on the LinkedIn platform or off the platform. Few tips to optimize the page are:

    • Make use of keywords on your page. Identify those terms that your target audience would probably make use of while searching for your product or services. 

    • Place a link that takes the audience to your company page. This strategy is essential because it creates more links to your company website to increase your inbound link profile. So, your LinkedIn marketing would get a boost. 

    • Publish relevant content on your company page. Ensure that you share relevant content regularly on the company page. 

  • Analyze Your Competitor Company Page – To intensify your strategy, you need to be aware of your competitors. LinkedIn feature, ‘Companies to track’ helps you to identify similar companies like you. You can also access a few key metrics like the number of followers, social media engagement, follower growth, etc. On evaluating these pages, you will know the way your company page fits in comparison to your competitors. 

  • Promote Your Company Page – Having an attractive company page is alone, not sufficient. You need to get the right audience at the right time and grow your audience as well. It would help if you encouraged people to follow your LinkedIn company page. This would increase your visibility and is essential for a successful LinkedIn marketing strategy. This will also ensure that all your updates are seen in the LinkedIn Feed that would increase content visibility. Also, having a high follower count would increase your company credibility. One easy way to achieve reachability is to request all your employees, friends to follow your company page. Including a ‘Follow’ button in your email signature and newsletter would also help. 

  • Create Relevant And Engaging Content – Once you get more visitors on your company page, you need to keep them engaged on your page. You need to retain the audience and engage them by publishing relevant content that interests the audience. Your content quality is an essential strategy that you need to focus on. To publish content on LinkedIn, you need to have a thorough understanding of people’s requirements. Also, you need to understand what the audience prefers to read. A few of the content type that would perform well on the LinkedIn platform are:

    • Industry trends articles and How-to articles

    • Leadership articles

  • Use Images And Videos – It is also essential to increase customer engagement on your LinkedIn platform for successful marketing. One best way to get the audience's attention is to make use of content that has images and videos. This is an addition to a text-based article. Images increase the comment rate twice and video by five times. Apart from videos and images, you can upload PDFs and SlideShare presentations to make your content more exciting and attractive. LinkedIn has the provision to upload videos directly on this platform. Also, the platform recommends that you create 1-2-minute videos having a proper subtitle. Ensure that the audios are authentic and reflect your brand's vision is a proper way. 

  • Create A Content Calendar – Maintaining consistency in your content upload is the best way to retain your audience. This is yet another element of the LinkedIn marketing strategy. On publishing engaging content regularly, it would create a sense of eagerness among your followers. Publishing content regularly would also result in a higher engagement level and would increase your content reachability. It would also attract more followers and increase your audience. Ideally, you post daily to maintain your audience connection. For this, having a content calendar as part of your strategy would do a lot of good for your business. Set up a timeline to publish your content and the content type that you would create.

  • Outreach Automation – To increase your LinkedIn account, you need to have applicable connections at the initial stage. This is achieved through outreach. Manual outreach would be challenging; hence outreach automation is a great thought.  

  • Workforce Help – Yet another LinkedIn marketing strategy is to include your colleagues and employees to increase your reach on the LinkedIn platform. Apart from them following your company page, encourage them to like your updates, and share them. Ensure that you notify them when you post anything on your page. This increases your brand awareness and would make the marketing successful.

  • Track Website Traffic – While you share your content on the LinkedIn platform, you also can add links to your blogs or website. Many people would find your content engaging and would also visit your website to check. 


LinkedIn provides an array of opportunities to connect your brand with the audience. It is indeed a powerful marketing tool that helps to create brand awareness.

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