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5 Must-Follow Tips for Amazon Product Photography

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Images are a significant aspect of an Amazon listing. A high-quality picture can infer that the product itself is also high quality. It is the first impression about your product that gives Amazon FBA sellers an opportunity to sell. As visuals are more straightforward to perceive than text, it might be the only thing on which purchase decision is based. If you do not spend enough time and resources on Amazon product photography, it will surely be apparent to the customers. This will lead to your potential customers turning towards competitors.

Images are a way of letting your customers know what they will receive once they order the product. The pictures should speak volumes about the quality and efficiency of your item. Alluring images persuade customers to buy. Thus, Amazon FBA sellers create their unique listings to differentiate themselves from their rivals. Therefore, they must do excellent product photography for Amazon listings.

This article provides you with 5 must-follow tips for Amazon product photography. These tips have been tested and proven to increase impressions, clicks, and sales. All the information below is equally important and must be given maximum attention. So, let’s get into it!

Follow Amazon’s Product Image Guidelines

You must be aware of Amazon’s product image guidelines before starting the Amazon product photography process. Not following the rules outlined can lead to your listing being suppressed. Meaning, Amazon will not recommend your listing until you have met their requirements.

The comprehensive guideline is available on the company’s website, but we have shortlisted some major points for your convenience.

The official product photograph requirements states:

  • Acceptable formats are TIFF (.tif/.tiff), JPEG (.jpeg/.jpg), GIF (.gif) and PNG (.png)
  • Pictures below 1000 pixels are unacceptable.
  • The picture should be on white background, RGB 255,255,255 to be specific.
  • Watermarks are prohibited.
  • The full product must be visible in the images.
  • The main image – the product should cover 85% of the picture size. Text and demonstrative graphics are not allowed. Additional items that are not part of the product should not be in the image.
  • Texts and demonstrations are acceptable in additional images other than the main image.

All of these rules must be followed to ensure your listing is not suppressed. The main image has slightly different rules, and it is the most important image out of all. The decision to open the listing or not rests on it. Make sure it is exceptional and up to the mark. Additional photos can have texts, infographics, and lifestyle pictures. It is best to include one of each type of shot in the listing. The image that shows product packaging is also helpful as several people on Amazon are looking for gifts. All these picture styles are discussed ahead in detail.

Image Variations

Amazon allows seven pictures on each listing. It is advised that sellers utilize all of them. Each photo should be different from the other and add value to the shopping experience. Capturing one image from each relevant angle is advisable. 

Good listings on Amazon also have lifestyle images in which product usage is shown. The real-life imagery can balance out excessive focus on the product in other photos. It also creates a connection with customers as other human beings are shown using the same product they intend to buy. Sellers should try to photograph their product so that the brand name is visible. Amazon FBA product photography is sometimes stolen and used by other sellers on their listing. The brand name can help reduce the risk of photography theft as using watermarks is not an option.

Product packaging pictures can also be added if you offer proper packaging to customers. A high-quality packaging ensures the customer that they are getting good value for money. It also helps to reinforce your brand image to the buyers. Often, people are searching for gifts, and here packaging plays an even more significant role in choosing the product.

Use Good Photography Equipment

Ensuring that the images look professional, good quality equipment must be used. This does not necessarily mean expensive photography kits. But as far as the camera is concerned, it is crucial to have a high-grade one with a high-resolution lens. The lens will allow you to capture tiny and large-sized products pretty well. Tripod and white background sheets are also essential. Tripod keeps your camera stable while the white sheets make the images look bright and smooth. 

A word of advice, mobile-phone photography should be avoided. It is better to hire a photographer or rent a camera than use your cell phone.

You can undoubtedly nail your product photography with the proper equipment by capturing some incredible and detailed pictures. 

Set the Right Lighting

After arranging the equipment, the next step in product photography for Amazon is to decide on the lighting. It can change everything. Photos can be shot in natural or artificial light. Natural light is, of course, free, but you have very little control over it. Studio photographs use artificial lights, and they can be manipulated easily. This gives a lot more control over the pictures; therefore, this method is preferred.

The right lighting depends on your product and the theme you want to follow. You must test it by placing the lights at different distances and angles. The use of cardboards is also effective in softening the shadows.

Complete Post Processing

If you follow all the tips mentioned above, your post-processing would be pretty short and straightforward. All pictures require some sort of editing for them to look professional. First of all, the brightness and exposure need to be fixed, especially if the shoot was done in natural light. Background adjustments also need to take place to make sure the white color is RGB 255,255,255. As far as lifestyle images are concerned, color and saturation adjustments bring liveliness to the pictures.

As mentioned above, texts and infographics also play a vital role. These are added through editing. It would be best to make sure that the text is minimal and infographics are easy to understand. Stuffing a lot of information in one picture is not preferred; instead, let the visuals speak for themselves.

In conclusion, all the tips we've talked about today will help you move towards exceptional product photography for Amazon. Remember not to upload misleading images. An unsatisfied customer can do more harm to your business than a lack of sales can. Considering Amazon is a buyer-centric E-commerce platform, a bad review and rating can negatively influence your chances of future sales. If proper Amazon photography is not in place, there are low chances of good sales. Therefore, follow the tips mentioned in this article—best of luck with your Amazon product photography!

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