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5 Pro Tips to Improve Mobile UX in 2020

5 Pro Tips to Improve Mobile UX in 2020Best Tips To<br />
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Remember that last time, when you downloaded an app and uninstalled it within a few days? To the fact, 77% of the users will stop using an app within 3 days of its download. Only those apps will survive who have soothing mobile usability and UX/UI designs.

And, that shows the importance of the first impression of a mobile app. As soon as a user begins to interact with your platform, it should make a strong impression. To achieve this goal you need to focus on the mobile UX of your application.

There are hundreds of mobile UX elements but to make it simple for you, in this article I have come up with the best tips to improve mobile UX.

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Points To Enhance Mobile UX Designs

1 Simple UX/UI Designs

Many times we might have observed that in UX/UI development, the designers work to bring something out of the box. But at last, could end up making some complex and unfriendly designs. It may happen that after reaching a certain level, developers may start spending time on unnecessary things.

Henceforth, it is suggested to follow a minimalist design approach and keep the design simple and clean.    

2 Color Combination of UX/UI Designs

In order to avoid visual saturation, it is essential that you choose a colour theme that has few colours. As per the research, it is analyzed using a combination of three colours is an ideal choice for the mobile UX design. Point to take a note here - if your three-colour combination is in conjunction with the app logo then, your ultimate aim should be to maintain consistency with the mobile app design.

3 Uniformity in Design

Once you have finalized a design theme for your application, it is recommended to keep it uniform till the end. When your app comes with a uniformity, users will not get confused and can easily navigate through your mobile app. If you keep changing the typography or colour for every page, users might get irritated and leave your mobile app. All in all, the pro tip to improve mobile UX here is to maintain consistency of your design.     

4 Be Gentle with SignUp Forms

The signup form which appears within seconds of opening an app or website will leave a completely negative impact of the users. Research has shown that approximately 86% of the users will dislike the form and may quit your platform. Shorten the form and make it more interactive so that users may think once about filling the form. Before showcasing the signup form, let users know about your platform.    

5 Animate Your Transitions

To create a seamless flow, animated transitions is one of the best ways. This will enhance the user experience while moving to another page. The users will enjoy the animated transitions whenever they complete any action on your platform. Point to take note here is never have an animation before any user interaction. Having 2-3 animations in your mobile UX is an ideal figure.

Altogether, user experience is what matters for the success of a mobile application. Therefore, focusing on the best mobile app design services must be a prime concern for every business. With the above-given tips, you will be able to build amazing mobile UX.

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