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5 Tips to Make Your Razor Blade Last Longer

5 Tips to Make Your Razor Blade Last Longer

Daily shaving is a must for many, but keeping up a routine can prove to be expensive. Although a good razor should last you many years, disposable blades are far less hardy. And you often need to replace them with newer ones for a clean and close shave.

How good it would be if you could do something to make your blades last longer! It would save you money, time, and help you get a clean shave every day. Keeping that in mind, here are five tips to make your razor blade last a little longer.

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Prepare your Face

Preparation is the key to a close shave but did you know that it will also help to keep your razor blade sharp? Placing a hot towel over your face prior to shaving not only opens pores and softens hairs, but it also weakens the follicles against the razor’s edge. Also, using a shaving brush to exfoliate skin and lift hairs prior to your shave will facilitate a closer and easier shave from the first pass which will save some of the wear and tear on your blade.

Rinse your Razor during the Shave

It’s important to rinse your razor at regular intervals throughout your shave. If you use a cartridge blade, it can often get clogged with stubble and excess shaving cream. Turn the razor over and rinse the back of the blade, as that’s where the gunk tends to accumulate. And use hot water which will heat the blade and enable it to slice through hairs more easily.

Dry your Blade Thoroughly After Use

One of the main reasons blades tend to dull quickly is oxidation and rusting which can be caused by lingering moisture. Be sure to rinse and dry your blade carefully after use. Even better, rinse with alcohol afterwards – it will quickly evaporate, taking any moisture that is remaining it, and will sterilize your blade along the way.

Store your Razor in a Dry Place

It’s important where you store your razor. It can determine how long it will last. Wash mugs are a no-no, unless stored well away inside a cabinet. You’ll be facing the same oxidation and rusting problem all over again if any moisture is allowed to reach your razor while stored. So, it’s best to store it in a dry place.

Shave Less Frequently

Die-hard shaver or not, one thing is for sure – it’s easier to get away with a bit of stubble today, than it ever was. So, if you really want to make sure that your shaving razors last longer, you can always opt for shaving les frequently.

A week or so worth of growth will save you a fortune on blades. Plus regular shaving can easily upset your skin, so it always pays to have a short break if you have sensitive skin.

This is the way to make your shaving razors last a little longer and save you money in the long run. If you are looking for quality shaving products, you can always get them from us.

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