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7 Ways to Generate New Sales Leads for your Business

Generating new sales leads is the most vital marketing activity for any business to sustain and grow in the market place. In today’s customer-centric market, every product/service is specifically designed to benefit the customers or address the problems of the customers. Hence, it is essential for marketers to generate enough sales leads or prospects to sell their products or services.

7 Ways to Generate New Sales Leads for your Business

How do you generate new sales leads? Do you have one best method to generate leads? Well, marketers engage in a lot of lead generation methods but you cannot zero-in on one best method to generate new sales leads. The lead generation methods differ based on the type of business, demographics, targeted audience, and a lot of other factors.

Every lead generation method has its pros and cons. A lead generation method that works for me might not work for you. So it is very vital for you to search, research, analyze and choose the best lead generation method that suits you the most.

Here is a list of 7 lead generation methods to generate new sales leads for your business.

Trade Shows/Conferences – Participating in trade shows / conferences are one of the oldest methods of lead generation. But, it can still help you generate new sales leads if there are events well-targeted to your audience.  

Print/Radio/Visual Media – This lead generation method can be highly effective if you convey the right message to your targeted audience and enable them to initiate an action.  

Email Marketing - E-mail marketing is considered as the cost-effective and one of the most productive lead generation methods by marketing experts. It enables you to focus on your target audience and promote your products and services based on their requirements. The key advantages of email marketing are it can be personalized according to your requirements, you can easily track the ROI and most importantly you can reach a larger target base in a single campaign.

Online Directories - One of the major sources for finding free leads in the Internet is online directories. Online directories play a very significant role in building a prospect list and it is considered as one of the effective lead generation methods. Using online directories, you can search for businesses and people based on the location and the main advantage of online directories is that you can quickly build a targeted prospect list.

Rent/Buy Lead Lists – It is one of the lead generation methods where marketers can get prospect lists / lead lists in quick time but they are quite expensive. Another concern is that the same lead lists are sold to other people and the authenticity of data is questionable.

Referral Programs – Referral programs or word-of-mouth marketing can fetch you more quality leads than your costliest commercial. Yes, when a happy customer shares a word or two about your product or service to others, it acts as a real testimony and brings you quality leads.   

Social Media Marketing – Social media marketing is the latest buzz in the market. It is a form of viral marketing and it plays a major role in influencing the people’s decision.

So marketers can choose the best lead generation program that suits their business, target audience, budget and various other parameters.

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